Protect Your Knees

One important thing to remember when you’re standing is that you never want to lock your knees.  Most everyone says, “Oh, yeah, I never do that.”  But I tell you what – I thought I never did that until I really paid attention to my body during times of the day when we normally don’t pay attention to those things and I was in fact locking my knees.  And I had chronic knee pain and problems.  

When we lock our knees, we lose the basic structure of our bodies that keeps us in optimal alignment:  hips anteverted; back and neck straight; and abs strong.  Proper standing structure is essential for proper walking structure.  And, if you’re a runner, all of this needs to be on point if you care to run without pain!  

Not only that, but do this fun experiment:  the next time you’re at a coffee shop waiting in line, look around at everyone’s knees.  You will see almost everyone doing one of these variations:

(L to R) locking knees with OK pelvis and back structure

locking one knee (in this case it’s his left knee)

locking both knees with tucked pelvis

locking both knees with tucked pelvis and rounded shoulders

locking both knees with ribs sticking out (over-arched back or “sway-back”)

locking one knee (right) and slumping back and shoulders forward

locking one knee with hip jutted out to the side of the locked leg

one knee locked

one knee locked with hip sticking out to one side

Here’s another good one.  See if you can find out what’s going on with their posture.



This is Esther Gokhale, in the front row wearing a (pink/red/coral?) shirt, teaching some students her standing posture technique.  

You can see that

  • her knees are slightly bent,
  • her pelvis is anteverted (tipped forward),
  • her core is contracted slightly, with her ribs anchored down
  • her spine is stacked straight from her hips and
  • her shoulders are down and back.  

Her students are still working on their knees, though, I think.  You can tell by how the pant legs hang if someone has locked knees or not.  

You can also tell what things hurt (or will hurt in the future) based on how someone stands.  Knees locked, depending on which one, or both, will lead to knee pain.  One knee locked, and one hip cocked to the side will lead to back pain, usually worse on one side.  Or hip pain.  Shoulders slumped will lead to shoulder tension, for sure.  Over-arched back will also lead to back pain.  Chin jutted out will lead to neck pain.  Tucked pelvis will lead to hip flexor or piriformis pain.

The next time you’re standing in line, take note of your posture and also, just for fun, check out everyone around you.  What do you notice???

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Natural Lice Treatment

I can confidently say, without a single doubt in my mind, that the natural treatment for lice is WAY more effective than that chemical crap they sell you over the counter.  

BTW, the chemical stuff (I won’t name names…) doesn’t work on lice anymore because the lice have MUTATED and are now IMMUNE to it.  Plus, they give you that crappy little comb that does nothing to get the nits out.  And, you’re about to find out, it’s the combing that does all the magic for the permanent removal of lice.  

If you have school-aged children, I recommend doing this treatment on them once per week as a preventative.  

If you find anything in there, you will have been quick enough to get it out and prevent too much of an infestation, plus you will – over a few days time – get out all the eggs she laid on your head (I know, I know, it’s really, really horrific).

For your treatment, you need only 2 instruments.

  1. Industrial-grade nit comb. (Walmart, $10)
  2. Olive oil.

Plus, I would also have some old towels to use around your shoulders (olive oil stains) and on the floor under where you’ll be standing.  One more thing:  paper towels.  Have the whole roll nearby, and wet one at a time to use for wiping off your nit comb.  

Put some towels on the floor first.  Be next to a sink or in the bathtub.  Really drench the hair with olive oil.  The bugs can’t hold on to your hair so good with the oil and will slide off easily with the combing.  

Use a wide-tooth comb to get out any tangles, going from the front of the head toward the back.   Then, using the nit comb, and – this is super-important – comb all the way through the hair, touching the scalp as you go.  You want the nit comb to touch every single portion of your scalp.  The comb has to touch the scalp with each comb-through or you won’t get all the bugs and eggs.  Mostly, they are are super-close to your scalp.  Comb through this direction (front to back), starting with the line next to your right ear and, like you’re mowing the lawn, ending next to your left ear.  

After every swipe from front to back of the nit comb, wipe the comb off on some wetted paper towels that you have nearby.  You will see the lice and eggs coming out.  

Now, you want to use the wide-tooth comb again, this time combing the hair to one side.  After the tangles are out, use the nit comb and go through each section again.

Then, comb your hair to the other side.  Again, detangle and then use the nit comb.  

Lastly, comb your hair from back to front.  You’ll want to have your head down at this point, obviously.  Use the nit comb one more time, getting every portion of your scalp.  

You’re pretty much done now!  Congratulations, because that’s a lot of freaking combing!  Now go wash your hair.  

But now I have some slightly bad news.  Although it’s not as bad as having lice…

You need to do a shit-ton of laundry. For laundry, definitely wash all bedding, towels, and clothing that have been used by anyone in the infected household.  Pop anything else that’s fabric that can’t be washed into the dryer for 30 minutes at a high setting.  You can also freeze items for 12 hours to kill lice on things that can’t be put into the dryer.  Also, you can bag things for 3 days.  After 3 days of not feeding on blood, they will die.  

AND you will have to do this comb-through every day for the next 10 days.  Now, for the after-care, you don’t need to use the olive oil, but if you have very long thick hair (like me), it will help to pull the comb through easily.  If it works for you, though, you can just use a lot of conditioner in the hair to do the comb-through during the after-care.  So, you wash the hair, put a lot of conditioner in, do the combing and rinse it out.  

Some things to remember about lice:

  1. They can hold their breath, so just water alone will not kill them.  To suffocate lice, they have to be submerged (or frozen) for at least 12 hours.  
  2. Heat kills them.  So you can put most things in the dryer, like stuffed animals and backpacks, on a high setting and that will kill them.  
  3. They have to feed at least every 2 to 3 days; ideally every 12 hours.  So if you have stuff you can’t wash or dry, just stick it in a bag for 3 days.  They will starve to death. 
  4. You can freeze your hairbrushes overnight to kill any lice or eggs on them.
  5. Lice don’t like testosterone, so men usually get a pass on this whole thing.
  6. Lice need at least 1/4″ of hair to live on, so if you’re a dude with a shaved head, you’re all good.  
  7. Mama lice lay around 8 eggs per day.  So if you have a mama bug, by the end of the week, when the first eggs hatch, you’ve got an infestation on your hands as the babies grow up pretty quick and start laying eggs of their own.  If you’re doing weekly comb-throughs, you will get the mama bugs out and any eggs before they hatch.  
  8. Lice do not jump or fly, but mama lice walk.  And they’re nocturnal.  So if you’re sleeping next to someone, and mama louse is ready to start her family, she likes to find a new head and fresh blood supply for that, so she is likely to walk over and start her family on whoever’s head is next to yours on the bed.  

Oh, and I got all this information from a lady who owns a company that actually comes to your house and de-louses you.  That was money well spent…  So, if you’re struggling with lice and can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of them, give her a call:  Gillian at Precise Lice Removal.  

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What Do Women (Really) Want?

I believe we have something in common.

I will be using “adult language” in this blog, so if you’re a sensitive little snowflake, this is your warning.

Female libido is complex.  We tend to put most of the blame for low sex drive on hormone changes, or stress, but there’s something else you just have to know.

Your clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings.


Why is this significant?

The penis has 4,000.  Yet, in the act of heterosexual relations, the penis gets all the attention.  

8,000 nerve endings that serve no purpose whatsoever except to experience pleasure.  

It’s like you go into your garage and you expect to see your old, broken down car.  Then, like in a dream, you go out and you see a brand new, shiny Lamborghini.  “Oh, my gosh, I didn’t even know this was here!”  

But how do you drive it?  What if you crash?  What if someone tries to steal it?  Don’t worry, girl, we’re going to figure all this out.

For all women, it’s time to get pussified.  The word “pussy” is usually a put-down, right?  I think it’s time for that to change.  If someone calls you a “pussy,” they mean a sign of weakness.  Pussies are definitely not weak.  Pussies are way stronger than man parts.  You barely tap a guy on his privates and he’ll drop to his knees.  Pussies take way more of a beating and recover quick.  

I say we change the meaning of “pussy” to mean something different than “weakness.”  

How about when something is “pussy,” it’s something that is delightfully feminine.  For example, last week my husband took me to a new restaurant that was SO pussy!  In other words, it was cute, the food was fabulous, and we had a great time relaxing on their patio, watching people walk by.  So pussy.  

Here’s some more examples – 

using your vacation days nose-to-the-grindstone 24/7
voicing your desires nagging
dancing Netflix binges every night
bragging complaining
girls’ night out gossipping
body confidence fault-finding, guilt-tripping, and comparing
deep conversation sitting with your nose in your phone
expressing a wide array of emotions fake smiles
using the fine china everyday plasticware and fast food
owning your beauty as it is now “giving up”
staying in a relationship because it’s fun staying miserable, because you have to
flirting feeling unsafe or unsexy
your desires are right and good others know what’s best for you
shopping for clothes that look great on you keeping clothes that don’t fit
asking for what you want taking what you can get
trust that your desires will manifest in time thinking you can’t get what you want
saying ‘no’ when you don’t want to do it feeling like to HAVE to do …(whatever)
there’s enough for everyone there’s no room at the top for you

So pussy.

The past 3,000 years have ingrained a very un-pussy mindset into the world, but it’s about time to balance that back out.  It’s time to take a stand for pussy.  Pussy is completely illogical and emotional, and, “that’s OK!”  

We don’t even call our female parts the right name.  If you want to take away someone’s power, you take away their name.  Call her an unattractive nickname or just no name at all.  

What did you learn to call your lady parts as a young girl?

  • Crotch (this is what I learned; it’s such a generic-sounding word, right?  boys and girls have a “crotch”)
  • Vagina (I had taught this to my children, until I learned that this is anatomically incorrect!  The vagina is just the hole.  It literally means “sheath.”)
  • Twinkie (these are actually what some people learned to call their lady parts)
  • Minnie
  • Front Bottom
  • Privates
  • Fine China (*gag*)
  • Cookie
  • Muff
  • Down Below

and on and on and on.

If you ask a man what his parts were called growing up, he will tell you one word, “penis.”  There’s no variability.  It’s a penis, of course.  Why are we so hesitant to name the lady parts?

If you’re speaking English, because there are other names for this in other languages, it’s a vulva.  

I like the Sanskrit word “yoni” as well.  Vulva is anatomically correct.  Then when you grow up a little more, you can call it your pussy.  Vulva is a safe, practical word, but it kind of sounds like Volvo, which is a nice, safe, practical car; nothing wrong with that, but it’s not very sexy.

So we’re not given the right word for what to call our parts, which is confusing, then we’re given very conflicting information about it around puberty.  

We’re told – on one hand – that some people want us just for our pussy, and on the other hand that our pussies are revolving and gross.  They bleed, they smell, they push out babies, and they release fluid at inconvenient times.  The cycles related to our pussies are considered abnormal and we’re given medication to control them.  

When what is the most essential part of a woman is disrespected and disregarded and thought to be inconvenient and gross, women start to internalize this message.  

And even worse, we start to internalize this message regarding other women.  

We don’t trust other women.  The attractive women might take our man from us and the other women are not respected in our society.  “Women are supposed to be attractive, but not too attractive,” is the message.  WTF???  Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  

Jobs that are the most feminine are the least paid:  teachers, janitors and maids, cooks, and childcare.  But where would we be without someone doing these jobs?  They are truly the most valuable.  Think of everything a mother does for her family:  she takes care of everyone, even the man, she makes sure there’s food on the table, then she cleans up afterward, she makes sure everyone has clean clothes on, she makes sure the bills are paid, everyone gets their hair cuts, funds her IRA and kids’ college accounts, takes everyone to the doctor for regular checkups, helps the kids with their homework, and she probably even works full time too.  And does all of this willingly.  With a smile.  Graciously.  

When you can start to admire and respect what is feminine in yourself and in others, you can get in touch with your sensuality at the same time.

The masculine is logical.  The feminine is illogical.  From your pussy comes your intuition.  Your desire.  It often doesn’t make sense, but that doesn’t matter.

All of these 8,000 nerve endings are communicating to you constantly if you can tune in.  This is how you figure out what your desires even are.  It’s more than just sex, although sex is a part of it.  Desires extend way beyond the bedroom too.  

Regarding the bedroom, most women can’t even orgasm from penetration alone.  Around 75% of women need something more than vaginal penetration to fully enjoy their sexual experiences.  The only way to know how your body likes to orgasm is by, um, trying some different things!   Speak up to your partner and educate them on what you like and how to do it.  

Most partners of women are – at times (or maybe all the time) – confused by what they want.  

It’s easy.  We want to be happy!  Unfortunately, we’ve all been brainwashed to put everyone else above our needs, and work-work-work until we crash into bed every night with no ounce of sexiness left to give.  And then we’ve been brainwashed into complaining about all of this.  

If you’re a partner (man or woman) of a woman and want to please her, tell her to tell you her desires.  “What do you want?”  And then give her what she wants.  Or at least try.  You will be the happiest couple on the block.  When a woman is trained to speak her desires, and knows that her partner will do their best to provide them, she will bend herself over backward to keep that partner happy.  


A little side note on sexual trauma and “rape culture”:  obviously, it’s never OK to take something from someone without their permission.  

Rape culture (and on that note, poverty, war, and starvation) exists in a patriarchal society that does not honor the feminine.  It is natural for a man (or woman) to be attracted to the feminine and want to enjoy it in another person.  It’s what completes them as a spiritual human being.  And women should feel free to enjoy their bodies in whatever way they want to.  When it crosses the line of disrespect, it’s when the sex is taken, not asked for.  

I think those lessons start in childhood.  As parents, we need to teach our children that it’s never OK to take something or force something on someone else.  Especially teach the boys.  And we need to defend the girls rights more.  Boys are naturally assertive and aggressive – for the most part – and that’s a natural, good thing if it’s directed in the right way.  I never forced my kids to share their toys if they didn’t want to.  I always thought that was a weird thing, asking kids to share their toys, when really, they were playing with something and some other kid comes up and tries to grab it.  That isn’t right.  It’s like if I’m playing on my iPhone and some other adult comes up to grab it from me.  And then my mom says, “Share, Nicole.”  LOL.  I don’t think so.  “That’s my phone!  Get your own damn phone.”  

We’re taught that impractical things are a waste of time, but that’s wrong.  

Art is not a waste of time.  Desires and longings are what make life fun.  Traveling makes no sense from a logical standpoint unless you’re traveling for work or something, but we do it for adventure and because…it’s fun.  

We need more cliteracy.  Time to become literate about your clit.  Becoming cliterate does not mean you will become “easy” or start wearing slutty clothes.  Au contrair, mon cherie. It’s about what makes you feel good.  Enjoying yourself.  When you can enjoy yourself, then you can invite others to join you.  They will want to join you.  

So what do you think?  Anything that you’d like to add to the pussy list???

I got most of my ideas for this post from the book “Pussy:  A Reclamation; by Regena Thomashauer.”  I highly recommend reading this book if you haven’t already.  It’s a real game-changer.

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When To Give Up Convincing Someone About Their Health

I remember times in the early days of my practice or even before that when I first found an interest in nutrition.  I remember trying to convince people of what I strongly knew to be true, but I could not for the life of me figure out why everyone else was so stubborn-headed and dead-set on not getting healthy.  (My thinking at the time🙂  after all, once you know that grocery store milk is full of artificial hormones that make the cows fat and antibiotics that lead to antibiotic-resistant super-bugs, and it just causes phlegm in your body, and it’s only purpose is to make baby cows into big cows, then why on earth would you want to drink that?!)

Yeah, I couldn’t figure out why criticizing someone’s food choices didn’t inspire them to make positive changes in their life…silly me.  

Now I see my 8-year-old son trying to force his sister to do something like hand him a toy that he wants.  I tried to tell him, “Try persuading her instead of forcing her,” but I’m not sure that was very good advice.  Sometimes you just can’t even persuade people.  

Force is definitely wrong, but persuading can be kind of smarmy too.  Especially if the other person is like, “Um, no.  No way.  Never.  Nuh-uh.  Not gonna do it.”  

There were times when I knew that someone would respond favorably to acupuncture, but I couldn’t convince them to give it a good, solid try.  I used to use all these psychological tricks, like

  • asking them how their problem would change over time (hint:  it’s always going to get worse if you don’t address it) or
  • getting them to see that if they don’t change, it will impact their loved ones’ lives as well
  • finding out the health problem is affecting their quality of life in order to get them ‘on board’
  • refusing them treatment if they weren’t fully 100% committed to giving it a fair shot
  • trying to convince them that their health problem, no matter how minor, was a sign from their body of dis-ease

All of these things are true, but the realization that I had to have to give me peace of mind, was that it really doesn’t matter if I can get someone to understand any of that.

People either ‘get it’ or not.  You can’t really convince anyone of anything.  

The people who ‘get it’ don’t need convincing, and the people who don’t get it you can’t convince no matter what you tell them.  

It boils down to this:  I can’t care more about someone’s health more than they do.  

And YOU can’t care more about someone’s health than they do.  Even if that someone is someone you love dearly.  Even if they have serious health problems that they brush off or ignore.  You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make him drink, so to say.

You can tell people what is what, and you can educate them and give them your opinion, professional or not, on what you think they should do, but what they ultimately do with that information is their own choice.

How about you?  Has this come up at all in your life?  How did you handle it?

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Eye Health


I confused the hell out of my ophthalmologist a while back.  

“Hmmm…this is unusual.”  He was checking and rechecking some things.  “Huh.  Normally at your age people’s eyesight gets worse, but yours is going in a more ‘favorable direction.’  Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”  

The prescription for my near-sightedness on both eyes was 1/4 a point better (from -3.25 to -3 on the right eye and -2.5 to -2.25 on the left eye), and my astigmatism in both eyes improved.  No sign of any far-sightedness yet.  

So, here’s what I’ve been doing 🙂


We’re so unaware of how much tension we hold in our faces through the day.  The main reason I even started caring about this was to prevent wrinkles, but I think the benefits have extended beyond the superficial.  

There is a theory on natural eyesight healing that near-sightedness and far-sightedness is due to tension around the eyeball.  The current medical model says that your cornea is either too strong (near-sighted) or too weak (far-sighted), but this theory goes a step further to say that the cornea changes in strength due to straining to see.

So I consciously decided not to strain to see things.  If something is blurry far away, I just go closer.  I look away from the computer several times an hour when I’m working on it to relax my eyes.  If I’m reading or watching a movie and it’s hard to keep my eyes focused, I stop trying to focus and do something else (like go to sleep!).  I even try, when I’m at home and not doing much, to go without glasses or contacts to totally relax my eyes.  


We’ve probably all heard that carrots are good for your vision, but there are some other Eye Foods I would recommend for your diet regime.

abstract-1238667_640Fish:  the omega 3 oils in fish contain DHA, EPA, and ALA acids.  Studies prove that deficiencies of these vitamins in infants cause future eye problems.  Freshwater fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, cod liver, or sardines are great sources of omega 3s.  Flax seeds and flax oil, walnuts, and dark leafy greens are too, although in smaller amounts.  Babies get omega 3s from breast milk, raw milk, or a formula that includes omega 3s.  

Our brains, and in particular, our visual cortex is made out of DHA.  Our bodies have to obtain DHA from a food source.  

If you have macular degeneration or dry eyes, start taking a high quality fish oil immediately! 

kale-438964_640Cruciferous Vegetables:  In addition to being anti-cancer foods, cruciferous veggies like kale, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, dark leafy greens (bok choy, collard or mustard greens) and broccoli have been shown to help with vision.  When we think of vitamin A, we tend to think about carrots, but mustard greens and kale have way more vitamin A than carrots.  

Plus, these colorful vegetables are very rich in anthocyanins which help vision.  Part of the reason why you  can’t replace a whole food with a synthetic vitamin is because you’re going to end up missing some important parts.  It’s not just the vitamin A or C in the vegetables that’s good for you, it’s the essential essence of the vegetable itself.  There’s no way to replicate that in a pill, unless you bottle up the food itself (which is one of the things I love about Standard Process vitamins).  

So how can you cook these types of foods so that they’re actually tasty?  Well, just wait for my cookbook / nutrition book to come out, but in the meantime, I’ll give you an idea.

You need 3 ingredients:  2 – 3 cups of dark, leafy greens, chopped up in about 1″ pieces; grass-fed butter (like Kerry Gold); and sea salt.  

Put some butter (1 – 2 teaspoons is good) in a pan (I use a cast iron pan) on medium heat.  When it’s melted, stir in your chopped up vegetables and a pinch of salt.  You can add a spoonful of water or white wine to steam it up.  Cook for just a couple of minutes.  Yum.  Simple, easy, delicious, and healthy.  You can cook any vegetable like this, you just need to add more cooking time for more hearty ones like broccoli.  


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Pain in the Neck – GONE

I’ve had chronic neck pain for over 20 years.  Conventional doctors masked the pain with muscle relaxers and pain killers.  Chiropractors aggravated it with their treatments.  Just a few visits to Natural Health Center has it feeling better than it has in years.  Thanks so much!

Kevin M.

Stomach Soothed

I started coming to the Health Center for issues I was having with my stomach.  Even while making the initial appointment I felt like the person I was speaking with was empathetic about my situation.  I had gone to two medical doctors before trying NAET and acupuncture, but had not seen results.  After my treatments at the Health Center, my stomach feels better than it has in years and continues to get better every day with the help and support of the staff.  I am thankful for all they do for me and our community.

Kristina U.

Baby is Better

My son came here for treatment for eczema when he was 3 years old.  He is 4 now and completely cured of it.  My youngest son has the same issue at age 1, so we’re back!

Jane D.

Stress Less!

Stress!  Stress!  & More Stress!  Coming to this office gives me one hour to decompress and slow down.  I look forward to my visits.  They are the highlight of the day and week for me.  Positive energy. 🙂  This has given me another (or better) avenue to release tension and bad mojo.  Thank you.  The doctors really connect with you and truly care about your well-being.

Kerri T.

Shoulder Pain and More

I originally came in for a tweak in my shoulder which soon disappeared with regular treatments.  Since I’ve had the pleasure of treatments from Nicole and her outstanding staff, my inner calm and overall attitude toward the stresses of life have vastly improved.  I’ve come in crying, anxious, distressed, in pain and leave – every time – well-cared for and successfully treated.  I wholeheartedly believe that acupuncture can be so much more than a go-to for emergency pains.  I intend to incorporate it into my regular lifelong health regime.

Molly C.

Back is Stronger

My back has been feeling significantly better.  I no longer have the daily aches and pains that I had before.  My back feels stronger and my posture feels better.  Before acupuncture, I tried stretching to relieve my pain, but the results were unsatisfactory.  Stretching is great, but does nothing if it is not done in conjunction with acupuncture.


Chron’s Relief

I’ve been going to the NHC for acupuncture and NAET for my Chron’s disease.  To say that the treatments helped me would be an understatement.  I have been hospitalized multiple times for my condition and was in constant, severe pain before I decided to go to the NHC.  I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.  The staff are all friendly, care for their patients and are truly there to make you better.  I can’t say enough great things about these ladies.


Fibromyalgia Support

A few months ago at my wits end with extreme pain, I attended a Fibromyalgia support meeting and met Nicole Lentfer.  From that night on, I am a different person.  Like many others I tried all the conventional Western medicines with no relief.  After having a mini-trial of acupressure that night, I put 100% trust in Nicole and her staff and the Natural Health Center.  After starting the acupuncture and NAET treatments, I am much calmer, and I have less pain and more energy.

Becky Goad

Allergy-Free Family

My son and I had both food and environmental allergies.  We tried over the counter medications and different supplements over the past 2 years or so. We were both suffering with skin rashes, runny noses, and itchy eyes.  We started coming to the NHCA for treatment after a recommendation from a friend.  My son and I saw a big improvement of our symptoms.  We are happy to be allergy-free at the end of our treatments!

Sandra Ojong

Mental Relaxation

I started acupuncture for numerous reasons but primarily anxiety.  The process has helped me feel calmer, more relaxed, and less like I am living in a mental box.  It has helped me feel free.


Inhaler is Out

I came to acupuncture due to constant short breaths which made working out difficult.  I also had tension in my neck and shoulders that felt like I had been holding a shrug for 10+ years.  Now I’m more comfortable since my neck and shoulders have relaxed.  I can work out harder and for longer periods of time since I don’t need to use my inhaler anymore.


PTSD and Pain Managed

I found the NHCA after 10 years of pain and discomfort.  I was a mixed martial artist, high school football player, and infantryman in the Marine Corps.  I had put my body through entirely too much torture, and I was suffering for it.  When I left the Marine Corps in 2009, I had ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder and neck pain.  I suffered from insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and post traumatic stress disorder.  I would take close to 20 painkillers a day, and I was still in pain.  I was hurting far from happy.  With acupuncture, I felt instant improvement and I’ve been coming to the office ever since.  I do acupuncture and NAET treatments and I have never felt better in my life.  I’m able to live again.  Thank you.


Fibro Improving

I have fibromyalgia and have had severe body pain for the past 5 years.  Every day, hands were numb, feet throbbed, sternum hurt, shoulders and hips were sore, calves and thighs hurt, arms were heavy.  Doctors really don’t know what to do for me since I didn’t want pharmaceuticals.  I can’t believe acupuncture has helped me so much.  I noticed it right away.  Things aren’t perfect yet, but they’re improving with each treatment.  I am so thankful.

Happy Patient!

Healing From the Inside Out

I came to the NHCA for food sensitivities, poor sleep, moodiness, and lack of energy.  Now I sleep better so I am more awake and in a much better mood during the day.  I was surprised by how well I felt after treatments and feeling my body heal from the inside out.  Unlike Western doctors, this office runs on time, all the time.  Nicole explains everything, answers all your questions and doesn’t talk down to you.


Less Medication

My chronic pain and fatigue are much better.  I’ve been able to come off some medications completely and reduce the dosage of others.  I had never tried acupuncture before but decided to try it.  Nicole and her staff are very informative and I was surprised that the needles don’t hurt.  The services are affordable, relaxing, and it works!


Sports Injury Healed

I was surprised how the treatment was able to heal my sports injury when regular doctors could not.  Sometimes a pill won’t cure everything!


Health Answers

Western medicine has left me with no answers to help me manage a long-standing condition of inflammation that comes and goes in various body parts and for various lengths of time.  I am not fond of taking pills and found the Natural health Center at a point when I was feeling tired, flamed and with no solutions in sight.  The herbal tonics, weekly visits, acupuncture and encouragement to lose weight eventually led to a healthier, happier, pain-free existence!  My energy is back; I do not hurt.  I repeat; I do not hurt.  Such a joy!

Cathy C.

Quality of Life Improved

I came in due to pain from fibromyalgia.  Constant pain from the neck down to my toes and could never sleep more than a couple of hours at a time.  I tried antidepressants, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills and several types of pain pills.  Nothing would work.  I used to sit, sleep and eat in a recliner.  After coming here, my quality of life is so much better.  I can actually plan outings and enjoy myself.  I don’t have as much pain and I can actually sleep at night in my bed!


From Anxious Exhaustion to Calm Energy

I started acupuncture treatments for extreme adrenal fatigue and body pains that I had for over 3 years.  I didn’t sleep and had panic attacks.  I had been to numerous doctors and they’d spend 5 minutes with me and prescribe something; I was on a lot of different medication.  I’ve had absolutely incredible results!  I was at my wits end trying to get help from doctors but no one could figure out what to do other than give me pills.  Nicole listens to what you have to say and then designs a plan to get you back to optimal health.  She completely turned my life around and I don’t say that lightly.  I had given up hope that I’d be the same person I was 4 years ago.  Even my family is amazed at the change and I will recommend her services to everyone I know!


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