Root Cause of AutoImmune Dis-Ease


When diagnosed with an autoimmune problem like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Endometriosis, Chron’s, Grave’s and even, one could argue, Cancer, among many others, the prescribed solution never addresses the root of the problem.  In fact, the question of WHY this condition occurs in the first place is rarely addressed.

There’s a (controversial) theory circulating in natural healing groups that the underlying cause of most types of AiD (autoimmune dis-ease) are covert, or hidden, pathogens.

Pathogens, including things like viruses, protozoa, helminths (worms), bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasmas are really smart little creatures.  They can hide in your body, hide from your immune system, for years.  

New scientific research has found that Ebola, for example, can survive for years in eyeballs and also in testes!  The influenza virus can enter the body virtually undetected by our immune systems because of a protein coat surrounding its DNA structure.  Herpes virus has a way to eliminate the toll-like receptors that attach to its surface that would normally tell your body to seek and destroy it.  

Tuberculosis bacterium releases a protein that triggers a response within a microphage so that instead of engulfing and destroying the bacterium, it allows the bacterium to live and replicate inside of the macrophage.  

The trigger for Lyme disease, Borrelia Bacterium, is like a super-villan.  It has a flagella structure to speed through your body, even through structures that would stop most invaders, like thick mucous.  Then, it can change shape.  An invader is brought to your body’s attention via its unique cell wall protein structure, but Borrelia can alter its structure.  So when your body is looking for something, it changes into something that looks totally different.  H Pylori can do this too.  

The problem with covert pathogens, is that they are tricking your immune system.  They each have a unique method of hiding (HIV has one of the worst, as it actually attaches to your own immune cell’s DNA!) and subsequently wrecking havoc on your immune system.  The pathogens cause an increase of TH1 , TH2, and TH17 cells in your body so you can fight against the invaders.  Then, your TReg cells, which moderate the immune response, are decreased.  When T1, T2, and TH17 increases, TReg is decreased.  So you’re left with massive inflammation, and if your immune cells can’t find the invaders, it just doesn’t go away on its own.   

Other factors play into AiD as well, such as your daily toxic load.  

Toxic substances (like cigarette smoke) also increase the amount of TH17 cells in your body.  TH17 cells help your body fight off all types of foreign substances (toxins and pathogens) and are thought to be at the root of most AiD conditions such as RA, IBD, asthma, and even MS.  Everyone has TH17 cells, but they have to stay in balance with the TReg cells for optimal immune health.  If the TH17 cells are relatively higher, you are in a state of inflammation.  

Other toxins that may increase TH17 include alcohol, chemical agents, coffee (too much coffee, that is!), drugs (legal and illicit) and vaccines.  

Another factor in immune health is your gut.

Dysbiosis, or an imbalance of intestinal flora, doesn’t always show up as digestive problems.  You may see a skin rash, have sinus congestion, or have trouble thinking clearly.  You will most likely be fatigued due to a lack of nutrient absorption.

An overgrowth of certain intestinal bacteria or fungus can be at the root of many disorders like MS, lupus, and RA.  Often this starts with taking antibiotic drugs and not using a probiotic afterward.  

Certain foods will cause more disruption in your intestinal health than others.  If you’re fighting off an AiD, we highly recommend you abstain completely from wheat / gluten.  Most dairy products are also off the menu because most dairy that you find at the store is not in its natural raw state and is not digested well.  Low sugar is recommended as most fungi and bacteria use sugar for food and it will cause them to have an orgy in your gut and overpopulate your body.  You don’t want this.   

The good news is that herbal medicines can provide some answers!

There are herbal protocols that can root out pathogens from your blood and body tissues.  Certain herbs, like *artemisia, which we’ve used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, have been proven to be more effective than a prescription isolate of the herb against viruses.  

*Myrrh is another herb used in ancient Chinese medicine and even the Bible that has proven to be effective against parasites that dive deep into the body, even Liver and Bladder parasites.  Clinical trials show great results using Myrrh against fascioliasis, schistosomiasis, lanceolate fluke, tape worms, and vaginal trichomoniasis.  

*Licorice is an antiviral herb that can treat both naked and enveloped viruses.  *Saint John’s Wort can treat viruses like herpes as well as depression, so if you’re depressed about having herpes, here’s the herb for you.  

*Oregano is one of my favorites for treating candidiasis.  Note:  it burns if applied topically, but that being said, it’s great for treating topical fungus.  Please dilute it with coconut oil or put it in a bath.  Never put it in your eyes.  You can take capsules internally as well.  

*Phellodendron, one of my favorites from the Chinese medicine pharmacopeia, is a natural antibiotic.  It also works against fungi and protozoa.  

*NOTE:  most of these herbs can form biofilms on body surfaces.  Biofilms can vary, but can include a proliferation of immune cells on the intestinal wall for internally taken herbs.  That being said, you should take your herbs with a regular amount of high tannic tea such as peppermint or green tea every day.  Also, it’s best not to take these herbs every day, but to “pulse dose” them.  Pulse dosing is like taking the herbs for 4 days, and then not taking them for 4 days.  

An herbal protocol for healing AiD includes “seek and destroy” techniques, as well as immune-regulating herbs.  

Immune regulating herbs such as Echinacea, Licorice, and Huang Qi (Astragalus), are recommended on the days that you do not take the pathogen-killing herbs.  

For certain conditions, we also would want to use herbs that can address adrenal fatigue (Eleuthero, Ginseng, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha), mitochondrial support (Garlic, Ginkgo, Grape Seed, Green Tea), cytoprotection (Turmeric), nerve protection (Ginkgo, Saffron, Rosemary), Endocrine support (Gymnema) or Liver support (Silymarin).  

That being said, self-prescribing herbs is a tricky thing, and I don’t recommend it unless you have a degree in herbology.  I have a degree in herbology and 14 years of herbal experience, and I still have a hard time self-diagnosing which herbs I need!  

So please, have a licensed herbalist (like me!) help you with the right herbal protocol for your health.  

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Why Do I Need So Many Treatments?

I was reading some online reviews of my business.  Have you ever heard of “negative bias?”  It’s a psychological phenomena where regardless of all the positive experiences we have, when we see, hear or experience something negative, we hold on to that memory instead of the positive stuff.  This is deeply ingrained in our mammalian brain as a survival mechanism, but in today’s world it just makes us anxious and depressed.  

For every 5 good reviews, there’s 1 bad one that I focus on.

Watching “Real Actors Read Yelp” on youtube makes it all better. 

But, the bright side of a bad review for me anyway is that I always learn from it and I always try to improve what the complaint originated from.  One thing I saw in the reviews was that “…I have to keep coming in to get better…”

Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.  

Why does acupuncture (or any natural way of healing for that matter) take so darn long?

Because the problem doesn’t happen overnight 90% of the cases.  

Your symptoms are the LAST things to show up.  Think of someone who has a heart attack.  Did their heart go bad suddenly overnight?  No way!  It’s been heading in that direction for years probably.  

People think allergies happen overnight.  While the symptoms of allergies can happen suddenly, the underlying cause of the allergies has been building up (slowly increasing histamine reactions in the liver for example) for months or even years.   

It often seems that weird pains can start overnight.  Again, unless you fell down and bumped your knee and now your knee hurts, weird inexplicable pains are the end result of years of imbalance:  old injuries, scar tissue, inflammation due to crappy diet, medication reactions in your body, etc.  

So the pain or the problem starts to get better with some natural treatment:  maybe acupuncture, chiropractic, or supplements.  But it’s still there.  It’s less frequent or less intense, but STILL THERE.  This is great!  This is normal, but this still needs treatment.  

Your symptoms are going away.  We are reversing years of damage and this takes time that is relative to how healthy the rest of your body and lifestyle support the natural treatment.  

Don’t fear moving slowly forward, fear not moving forward at all.  

Also, keep in mind that anything worth gaining – like your health and well-being – is worth working hard at.  Most things in life that are major accomplishments are not easily gained.  If it was easy, everyone would be really healthy and we know that’s not true.  

So when the problem is finally gone, why still get treatment or take supplements?  

Let me ask this:  why get oil changes for your car?  Why take showers or bathe regularly?  Why replace the air filters in your house?  


Just like you shave and wash and feed your body, you also need to regularly reverse micro-damages caused by daily stressors.  

With regular maintenance, you can avoid the time-consuming and expensive cost of treating major health issues.  

Spend a little more now on healthy food and periodic treatments and save later on:  rising insurance premiums, hospital stays, and medications.  

Real health insurance is ensuring your health.  

Oh, and yeah, if you’d like to leave a review of my business on Google or Yelp, please do so!  I promise I can take it.  

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I’m sure you’ve heard of PRO-biotics before.  

If not, probiotics are bacteria naturally found in your gut in a good supply if you’re healthy.  After taking antibiotics or if your digestive system needs a little extra help, you may take probiotics in supplement or food form. These bacteria that help your digestive system uptake and transport nutrients; synthesize vitamins K, B12 and biotin; enhance your immune function; and help with intestinal transit.  You absolutely need them there.  

Probiotic foods are fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, and pickles.  The bacteria in probiotics supplements and foods help keep things working and moving in your intestines.

Your intestines naturally also have a small amount of “bad” bacteria as well.  But the “good guys” keep them in check.  That is:  if everything is healthy.  

But, what in the heck is a PRE-biotic???

If you find that you are constantly needing to take probiotics to stay well, chances are what you really need are PRE-biotics.

When you take antibiotics (which wipe out a lot of the intestinal flora – good and bad), the clostridium difficile, candida, and other potentially harmful intestinal flora have a chance to multiply. When they overgrow without the good bacteria there to keep everything in check, inflammation happens.

These bacteria are “bad” because when their populations explodes, they start releasing toxins that make you sick. These toxins can start deteriorating the cells that comprise the lining of your intestine. And thus, the beginning stages of ulcerative colitis, leaky gut, Crohn’s and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

To combat this, your MD gives you more antibiotics, but I’m sure you can see the logic in this. The underlying condition worsens!

If your house is on fire, you call the fire department, but after they put out the fire, you don’t call them back to rebuild your house. You’ll have nothing left!

Now you need the construction crew.

I would take probiotics for at least 2 weeks after using antibiotics.

After that, the probiotics should be self-sustaining.  If not, you need more PRE-biotics.

Prebiotics are food for the probiotics.  With a good amount of prebiotics, and a low-sugar diet, your bacteria flora will stay in check all by itself.  

Examples of prebiotics:

  • Pectin (apple skins and citrus fruits)
  • Beta-Glucans (oats, rye, and barley)
  • Arabinose (beans, peas)
  • Inulin (garlic, onion, chicory)

Prebiotics, or soluble fiber, helps keep the mucosal lining, well, mucous-y.  The mucous is where the intestinal bacteria hang out.  So a good mucousal lining helps support a healthy gut.  

Insoluble fiber, like those found in whole grains and vegetables, helps with intestinal health by providing bulk for the stool.  But without the mucous and good bacteria cultures, even an impressively formed poo will not pass.  


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Why Arteries Get Clogged (Really)

Tell me if this sounds familiar:  “My doctor said I need to give up eggs and bacon.  I have high triglycerides and my blood pressure is rising.”  

Me:  “You eat eggs and bacon every morning?”  

Patient:  “Yes.”

Me:  “JUST eggs and bacon?”

Patient:  “No.  I eat them with a large glass of orange juice and either toast or flour tortillas.”  

Me:  “It’s not the eggs and bacon; it’s the juice and refined flour products (i.e. white tortillas and bread) that’s causing your problem.”   

In fact, your heart ‘s fat for energy.

People think it’s the cheese or the meat that causes their high triglycerides or hypertension, and their doctors (usually) agree, but I do not.  It’s the stuff you’re eating WITH the cheese, eggs, and meat that’s causing the problem.  

And the stuff you’re not eating with it (vegetables, whole grains) that leads to these circulation problems.

When you eat carbohydrates – as a general term here – the good (broccoli, quinoa, sprouted grains, carrots, etc.), the bad (white flour, white rice, pastured skim milk), and the ugly (corn syrup, pastries, sugary drinks, etc.), your body metabolizes it as sugar.  

If it doesn’t have a mother or a father, your body digests at least part of that food as a sugar.  The more fiber and other nutrients you have there, the less “sugary” it is.  

If all goes well, when you eat carbohydrates (which we do need in some quantity), your pancreas releases insulin to use the carbs for energy as glucose or to store it as glycogen in your liver and muscles for later.  

When you have too much carbs going in for too long of a period of time, this process gets messed up and your cells start to resist the insulin process.  This is the beginning of diabetes.  

Another thing that happens, is that when the glycogen reserves are met inside your liver, the glucose is then turned into triglycerides and cholesterol.  

This is the beginning of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

When the triglycerides and cholesterol start hanging out with some proteins and fats, they have a party called a VLDL or very low density lipoprotein.  

The triglycerides are deposited along your arteries, leaving just the other things that form your LDLs.   

A good, clear artery has a microscopic layer of hairs inside of it called the glycocalyx.  You can think of it like the Teflon coating on a non-stick pan.  Usually, fats and other blood components just float right past it, no problem.  

Certain molecular structures, however, cause erosion of this lining.  So, then it’s like you’re scraping the coating off the non-stick pan.

Triglycerides do this.  They cause erosion of the glycocalyx and then they start to build up in the artery and stick to the wall; just like when you cook something in a pan and forget to put butter in it first!  

And do you remember what causes the triglycerides to grow in number in the first place?  Hint:  it’s not eggs, bacon, or butter.  (It’s too many carbohydrates!)

Once you lose the glycocalyx, problems start.  And, unfortunately, you won’t have any symptoms of arterial blockage until it’s more than 68% obscured.  At 65% blockage, you feel “fine.”  You’re probably at least 30 pounds over weight, but you think, and your doctor may think there’s nothing wrong with your heart.

Trans-fatty acids will also cause this.  This is your fried foods:  french fries, onion rings, fried Twinkies, etc.

Unfortunately, once the lining is gone it doesn’t come back – kind of like your hair line.  So if you have good arteries now, don’t push your luck; take good care of them.

I think some people think I’m crazy when I recommend a high-fat (we’re talking good fats, not trans-fats), moderate protein, low carb diet to someone with a history of heart disease.  And I say this:

Is what you’ve been doing so far giving you results?  Results like awesome blood work; you’ve met your goal weight; and your doctor doesn’t think you need the blood pressure meds any more.  

Why don’t you try it (high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate diet) for 6 months, then get your blood work redone and see if it works?  Please let me know your results!  

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Pain in the Neck – GONE

I’ve had chronic neck pain for over 20 years.  Conventional doctors masked the pain with muscle relaxers and pain killers.  Chiropractors aggravated it with their treatments.  Just a few visits to Natural Health Center has it feeling better than it has in years.  Thanks so much!

Kevin M.

Stomach Soothed

I started coming to the Health Center for issues I was having with my stomach.  Even while making the initial appointment I felt like the person I was speaking with was empathetic about my situation.  I had gone to two medical doctors before trying NAET and acupuncture, but had not seen results.  After my treatments at the Health Center, my stomach feels better than it has in years and continues to get better every day with the help and support of the staff.  I am thankful for all they do for me and our community.

Kristina U.

Baby is Better

My son came here for treatment for eczema when he was 3 years old.  He is 4 now and completely cured of it.  My youngest son has the same issue at age 1, so we’re back!

Jane D.

Stress Less!

Stress!  Stress!  & More Stress!  Coming to this office gives me one hour to decompress and slow down.  I look forward to my visits.  They are the highlight of the day and week for me.  Positive energy. 🙂  This has given me another (or better) avenue to release tension and bad mojo.  Thank you.  The doctors really connect with you and truly care about your well-being.

Kerri T.

Shoulder Pain and More

I originally came in for a tweak in my shoulder which soon disappeared with regular treatments.  Since I’ve had the pleasure of treatments from Nicole and her outstanding staff, my inner calm and overall attitude toward the stresses of life have vastly improved.  I’ve come in crying, anxious, distressed, in pain and leave – every time – well-cared for and successfully treated.  I wholeheartedly believe that acupuncture can be so much more than a go-to for emergency pains.  I intend to incorporate it into my regular lifelong health regime.

Molly C.

Back is Stronger

My back has been feeling significantly better.  I no longer have the daily aches and pains that I had before.  My back feels stronger and my posture feels better.  Before acupuncture, I tried stretching to relieve my pain, but the results were unsatisfactory.  Stretching is great, but does nothing if it is not done in conjunction with acupuncture.


Chron’s Relief

I’ve been going to the NHC for acupuncture and NAET for my Chron’s disease.  To say that the treatments helped me would be an understatement.  I have been hospitalized multiple times for my condition and was in constant, severe pain before I decided to go to the NHC.  I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.  The staff are all friendly, care for their patients and are truly there to make you better.  I can’t say enough great things about these ladies.


Fibromyalgia Support

A few months ago at my wits end with extreme pain, I attended a Fibromyalgia support meeting and met Nicole Lentfer.  From that night on, I am a different person.  Like many others I tried all the conventional Western medicines with no relief.  After having a mini-trial of acupressure that night, I put 100% trust in Nicole and her staff and the Natural Health Center.  After starting the acupuncture and NAET treatments, I am much calmer, and I have less pain and more energy.

Becky Goad

Allergy-Free Family

My son and I had both food and environmental allergies.  We tried over the counter medications and different supplements over the past 2 years or so. We were both suffering with skin rashes, runny noses, and itchy eyes.  We started coming to the NHCA for treatment after a recommendation from a friend.  My son and I saw a big improvement of our symptoms.  We are happy to be allergy-free at the end of our treatments!

Sandra Ojong

Mental Relaxation

I started acupuncture for numerous reasons but primarily anxiety.  The process has helped me feel calmer, more relaxed, and less like I am living in a mental box.  It has helped me feel free.


Inhaler is Out

I came to acupuncture due to constant short breaths which made working out difficult.  I also had tension in my neck and shoulders that felt like I had been holding a shrug for 10+ years.  Now I’m more comfortable since my neck and shoulders have relaxed.  I can work out harder and for longer periods of time since I don’t need to use my inhaler anymore.


PTSD and Pain Managed

I found the NHCA after 10 years of pain and discomfort.  I was a mixed martial artist, high school football player, and infantryman in the Marine Corps.  I had put my body through entirely too much torture, and I was suffering for it.  When I left the Marine Corps in 2009, I had ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder and neck pain.  I suffered from insomnia, restless legs syndrome, and post traumatic stress disorder.  I would take close to 20 painkillers a day, and I was still in pain.  I was hurting far from happy.  With acupuncture, I felt instant improvement and I’ve been coming to the office ever since.  I do acupuncture and NAET treatments and I have never felt better in my life.  I’m able to live again.  Thank you.


Fibro Improving

I have fibromyalgia and have had severe body pain for the past 5 years.  Every day, hands were numb, feet throbbed, sternum hurt, shoulders and hips were sore, calves and thighs hurt, arms were heavy.  Doctors really don’t know what to do for me since I didn’t want pharmaceuticals.  I can’t believe acupuncture has helped me so much.  I noticed it right away.  Things aren’t perfect yet, but they’re improving with each treatment.  I am so thankful.

Happy Patient!

Healing From the Inside Out

I came to the NHCA for food sensitivities, poor sleep, moodiness, and lack of energy.  Now I sleep better so I am more awake and in a much better mood during the day.  I was surprised by how well I felt after treatments and feeling my body heal from the inside out.  Unlike Western doctors, this office runs on time, all the time.  Nicole explains everything, answers all your questions and doesn’t talk down to you.


Less Medication

My chronic pain and fatigue are much better.  I’ve been able to come off some medications completely and reduce the dosage of others.  I had never tried acupuncture before but decided to try it.  Nicole and her staff are very informative and I was surprised that the needles don’t hurt.  The services are affordable, relaxing, and it works!


Sports Injury Healed

I was surprised how the treatment was able to heal my sports injury when regular doctors could not.  Sometimes a pill won’t cure everything!


Health Answers

Western medicine has left me with no answers to help me manage a long-standing condition of inflammation that comes and goes in various body parts and for various lengths of time.  I am not fond of taking pills and found the Natural health Center at a point when I was feeling tired, flamed and with no solutions in sight.  The herbal tonics, weekly visits, acupuncture and encouragement to lose weight eventually led to a healthier, happier, pain-free existence!  My energy is back; I do not hurt.  I repeat; I do not hurt.  Such a joy!

Cathy C.

Quality of Life Improved

I came in due to pain from fibromyalgia.  Constant pain from the neck down to my toes and could never sleep more than a couple of hours at a time.  I tried antidepressants, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills and several types of pain pills.  Nothing would work.  I used to sit, sleep and eat in a recliner.  After coming here, my quality of life is so much better.  I can actually plan outings and enjoy myself.  I don’t have as much pain and I can actually sleep at night in my bed!


From Anxious Exhaustion to Calm Energy

I started acupuncture treatments for extreme adrenal fatigue and body pains that I had for over 3 years.  I didn’t sleep and had panic attacks.  I had been to numerous doctors and they’d spend 5 minutes with me and prescribe something; I was on a lot of different medication.  I’ve had absolutely incredible results!  I was at my wits end trying to get help from doctors but no one could figure out what to do other than give me pills.  Nicole listens to what you have to say and then designs a plan to get you back to optimal health.  She completely turned my life around and I don’t say that lightly.  I had given up hope that I’d be the same person I was 4 years ago.  Even my family is amazed at the change and I will recommend her services to everyone I know!


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