Do Certain Foods Make You Feel Worse?

In more “traditional” weight loss programs, you are usually told to count your calories. Calories in < calories out = weight loss, right? Well, I don’t think it’s that simple.

nutrition and weight lossI tell my clients not to worry so much about the scale, but about how you feel.  Some of the typical things that I hear are this:

“I feel fat.”

“…but I’m not losing any weight.”

“I’m craving sugar all the time.”

Well, let’s do an experiment.  I love a good, old-fashioned scientific approach to things!

Let’s say your go-to comfort food is chocolate-covered Gummy Bears.  Before you dive in to the package, take a moment to assess how you’re feeling.  If you want to be really scientific about it, write down how you physically feel in a journal (“a little tired; nervous about tomorrow’s big test; definitely hungry…”)  

Take a few bites.  Wait at least 5 minutes.  Re-assess how you’re feeling.

Do this and let me know in the comment section or email how the “experiment” goes for you.  Also try the experiment with a food you’ve never had before!  

***I think that often what we THINK we love to eat can be very different than the food that actually make us feel great!***

I’ll tell you my personal experience doing this.   Years ago when I was struggling with candida issues, in order to get healthy, I had to radically change my diet habits.  I became used to not eating wheat products like pasta, cereal, and bread.  I ate lots of vegetables, nuts, and protein.  I felt great!

My experiment happened when I was tempted by a little mac-n-cheese.  It tasted great.  Afterward, I felt itchy.  I also felt like my abdomen was swollen and I felt emotionally uncomfortable.  Then I remembered:  that was how I used to feel all the time!  Yuck!

After that, eating well for me was a “no-brainer.”  No way was I going to go back to the way I felt before.  Try this little experiment and let me know in the comment section what happens:

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