Keeping Out of the Doctor’s Office

rhinitis-tablets-2#1 reason people miss their appointments with me:  work meetings.  #2 reason:  traffic.   #3:  sick (themselves or children).

Okay:  first of all, come in because you’re sick!  We’re kind of like a doctor’s office…and we can help you get better.  Unless you’re not able to get here, running to the bathroom to vomit every 2 minutes, then just, we’ll see you tomorrow hopefully.  

Many people don’t know that we can treat the same things that you would see your “regular” doctor for…but with natural things.  We can treat:

head colds, flu, sinus infections, croup, phlegm, coughs, weird rashes, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, parasites, and all the other million things kids bring home from school and you pick up from your coworkers at the office.

This is a photo of my “medicine cabinet” at home and everything I need – my arsenal if you will – for treating my family and myself at home.


For any sort of “invasion” of virus / bacteria:

1.Congaplex (chewable or capsules):  this you can get from any Standard Process rep where ever you live.  It’s mainly used for when you are sick, but I have my kids take 2 or 3 every morning during the school year as a prophylactic.  If they are sick:  take 2 every 3 hours as needed.  For adults, 3 every 3 hours as needed.  


2.CQ Jr.:  this is a pediatric liquid herbal antibiotic / antiviral.  It is a life saver for me.  I have used it for:  high fever, croup, hand-foot-and-mouth, anal itching, UTI, flu, head colds and sinus infections.  Basically anything.  You can get it in our office or at an acupuncturist’s office who specializes in pediatric care.  Take 1/2 to 3 dropperfuls every 4 hours, depending on the size of the child.

(Side note:  we also have pediatric herbs for teething pain, allergies, insomnia, ADD, and anxiety.)


3.Essential Oils:  

I use Rocky Mountain Essential Oils; but I also think Do Terra or Young Living also have good, quality oils.  I’m no expert in EOs, but

  • I like eucalyptus and pine for sinus congestion or a cough.  

(WARNING:  never put pure oil directly on a child’s skin; always use a “carrier oil” or a blend specifically designed for use on sensitive skin.  Also, never use eucalyptus on asthmatics.)  

  • Other blends, like “Thieve’s Oil,” which is called other names (RMO calls it “Immune Strength”), but is a blend of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary, has antiseptic properties.  It’s a good one to add into the bathtub water (5 – 10 drops).  
  • For topical use, I use a roll-on or non-irritating oil blend like “Breathe“.  Anytime you can put drops of a blend or single oil in an oil diffuser.  It makes your house smell really nice.
  • Frankincense (or Boswellia is it’s Latin name) oil is great for stress and pain relief.  Soak in a tub with several drops of it, or put some on directly to sore muscles.  It’s even known to help shrink cancerous tumors!  (Please don’t rely solely on frankincense to treat cancer if you have that.  Seek the help of a qualified doctor.)
  • Lavender oil in a diluted spray or in the bathtub or diffuser is great for stress relief and sleep.  


colloidal-silver4.Colloidal Silver Nose Spray:  I discovered this magical stuff when I went on a vacation with my family without my herbs.  (That will never happen again!)  My daughter, aged 18 months at the time, and I came down with raging sinus infections and were miserable, snotty things.  In desperation, I went to the Whole Foods in the city we were staying (thankfully it was a place with a health food store), and the lady there recommended this.  You spray it in your nostrils (my baby girl thought that was hilarious), and it drips out a little, but it will kill off the infection.  I used it every 3 hours for 3 or 4 days until we were better.  

I have also used this on open wounds quite successfully.  

elderberry-syrup5.Elderberry cough syrup:  Actually I like to use raw honey more than I like Elderberry for getting rid of a cough, but I do use this from time to time as well.  The Gaia brand also has some California Poppy in it to help with sleep.  

braggs6.Apple Cider Vinegar:  

  • good for the stomach, like for acid reflux – if it doesn’t make it worse – but you will only know by trying.  It’s usually one or the other.  If you have ulcers, don’t use it.  
  • ACV is also amazing for yeast and fungal infections.  Soak in it or drink it (1 – 2 T. daily).  
  • Take it with a little bit of water, lemon, and honey = bye-bye sore throat.  


The thing I like about these natural remedies is that you really can’t overdose on them.  The most “dangerous” thing would be herbal medicines, because you really should consult with a qualified herbalist before taking any of those.

People who do not have success with natural remedies are usually:

  1. Not using enough.  Seriously, use all of these things every few hours.  Keep using them.  Give it a good try:  at least 3 days before trying something different.
  2. Imbalanced lifestyle.  I do occasionally give my kids pizza and ice cream.  But when they’re trying to heal their little bodies, I do my best to get them plenty of protein, veggies, and fruit.  Cut out the sugars and processed foods for a few days.  Rest and repeat!



  1. Great information!

  2. CQ Jr, congaplex and apple cider vinegar have been my go tos now! Thanks Nicole! Apple cider vinegar I usually mix with water and Salt and Gargle with it. It’s pretty nasty but I find it works well. Also I’ve really liked Emergen-c to really up the vit C and my daughter loves the taste of it! I think there is even a more natural substitute for it found at Wheatsville.

  3. Love all these natural remedies!! Love reading your posts!!


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