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We’re ingrained at a young age to reach for an Advil or Tylenol when we have a headache.  We get a Midol with period cramps.  A Tums when we eat too much of the wrong foods.  Zirtec when the pollen is high.

The problem with medications is that they’re too strong.  And anything that strong is going to come with a side-effect.  Even really strong herbs come with side-effects.  And medications are all derived from herbs.  When an herb has been found to be effective in treating something or having a particular impact on a bodily process, the pharmacist finds a way to derive the active ingredient from that herb, synthetically manufacture it into a large dose, and patent it.  Then sell it to you for too much money.

If you want to make healthier choices for your body, knowing how to treat the common ailments with natural means is a good first step.

For natural remedies to “work” on your body, you need to live a “natural” life:  doing your best to make healthy food choices, drinking enough water, getting enough rest and exercise, etc.

Beyond that, there are some tricks and tips that can refine your healthy existence.

TURMERIC – for inflammation, pain, or skin problems, keep some turmeric paste on-hand to make a cup of turmeric tea.  Just a small scoop of paste, stir into hot water with or without tea.  You can substitute oat, almond, or hemp milk for the water to make it into a turmeric latte as well.  Yum!!  *For best results, stay away from “curcumin,” which is a derivative of turmeric, and instead opt for the whole turmeric plant.

LEMON – for sore throat or cough, depression, or to stop feeling hungry when you want to eat but you know you’re not really hungry.  Squeeze some lemon into a glass of room-temp water and drink.

GREEN TEA – again for when you’re hungry but shouldn’t be…green tea is the obvious choice.  It’s also cooling in nature, even if you drink it hot, so a good beverage choice if you are feeling too hot, you hotty, you.  It also gives you a little energy boost without the jitters that coffee can give people.

MINT – drink it in a tea also to cool down, and to open your sinuses.  It can help soothe an upset tummy as well.  And it helps refreshen your breath!  You can use peppermint oil topically on your head for treating a headache.

GINGER – the easiest way to eat ginger is in the candy form, but I don’t necessarily recommend eating candy.  But – ginger candies are great for motion sickness.  You can also slice it and cook it into your food or boil in water when you make tea.  Ginger is warming, so it’s good for treating pains that get worse in cold weather and it’s good for stomach cramps of all types.

GARLIC – for fungal and yeast infections, this is the #1 remedy.  Just eat 1 raw clove per day.

ROSEMARY – you can use rosemary oil on your head topically to treat any type of headache.

APPLES – a few apple slices can help relieve low blood sugar.  For diabetics – always keep an apple on-hand – NOT CANDY – for addressing light-headedness that happens with low blood sugar.  Apple can help treat constipation AND diarrhea.  It also can help with pregnancy-induced nausea.

FIG – treats constipation and hemorrhoids.

GRAPES – relieves difficult urination and swelling (edema, or fluid retention) as do RASPBERRIES.

GRAPEFRUIT – relieves hangover (!) and helps restore appetite in women with morning sickness.

PEARS – benefit your lungs, especially in the fall.

WATERMELON – benefits body fluids, but only eat it in the summer.  Eaten in the fall, it can have an adverse effect on your lungs.

FISH OIL – helps with general inflammation, helps calcium absorb faster.  Use internally to address skin inflammation or heat stroke.

CALCIUM – take a large dose with fish oil to combat heat stroke or to reverse herpes virus or cold sores.  *For best results, use calcium lactate or calcium citrate.  Stay away from calcium carbonate which is, basically, limestone.  It’s made in a laboratory and not ideal for human consumption.

HONEY – can help soothe ulcers (take a large spoonful 3 times daily for 2-3 weeks); good quality honey helps soothe burns and hemorrhoids topically; a teaspoonful or two to relieve constipation.  Too much honey causes constipation, so use with caution!  Do not use if you have a blood sugar condition such as diabetes.

VINEGAR – a teaspoonful before or after eating helps with indigestion.  Get the apple cider variety.

WINE – one cupful of wine can help with rheumatic joint pains or recent injury, and it can also help stimulate breast milk production in women who have just had a baby.  Obviously, don’t overdo it; too much wine will have a negative impact on your health.  Also, obviously, this is only for adults.

SEAWEED – seaweed is the best treatment for goiters, cysts or low thyroid.  It dissolves cysts and fibroids and other swellings.  You can get it in many forms, including tablets or seaweed chips.

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