Procrastination Solution

Q:  What is the number one reason that people don’t get good results with natural medicine?  

A:  They wait too long to get started.  

After an injury, blood vessels, nerves, and in extreme cases, tendons and bones break, tear, or separate.  After an illness, organs or even whole body systems can become weakened.  

Our bodies have amazing capabilities to heal and we can feel better quickly…especially if we have a young body!  

If the scar tissue or organ imbalance isn’t corrected, the area becomes weakened.  It’s like an area on the road with a uneven surface.  Trucks and cars continually drive over it, hitting the weakened area as well as all the other parts of the road.  What part do you think cracks first?  

Your body can go years without any problem.  It just takes the “right” stress on that area to make the problem area resurface.  Health problems rarely show up overnight.  The proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back!”  

Once the problem area shows up again, we mistakenly think it will heal just as quickly the second time around.  What we don’t realize is that it’s been there for longer than we usually think.

The problem with letting an injury go for a long period of time has to do – as most things in traditional Chinese medicine do – with your blood flow.  Going back to the idea of a severed blood vessel.  Your body knows how to reattach the vessels (or tendons or bones) all on its own.  But, if the injury is big enough, say a whiplash, there are up to 32 different muscles, 8 nerve roots, 7 vertebra, and numerous ligaments that could sustain injury.  

Imagine cutting a single thread.  It would be pretty easy to reattach the ends together with some tape, right?

Now imagine cutting a thick piece of twisted rope.  When it’s cut, you see that the single strand of rope actually consists of multiple single strands which themselves contain multiple smaller single strands.  Reattaching these pieces is going to take more work and may be near impossible for it to achieve its former strength.  

With the help of treatment such as acupuncture, we can stimulate increased blood flow to speed along healing.  The needles can also stimulate your nervous system to heal and reattach in their correct position.  

The longer it’s been after an injury before we can stimulate proper blood flow and nervous system function, the more ingrained the injured pattern becomes.  Essentially, you have already allowed the area to heal into a weakened position.  It’s like if you’re making a new sidewalk, and before the cement dries, some kids write their names in it.  The sooner you can correct it, the easier it is to make it smooth again.  If you wait until it dries, then it will just take more work to correct it.  

So why do we wait?  

We are not aware that it’s that bad of a problem.  We may feel fine or think it’s healing on its own.  Or we have a high pain tolerance.  Or we don’t want to see a doctor.  

I always recommend getting treated with natural medicine (non-drug) as soon after an illness or injury as possible.  Who knows:  you could maybe be preventing yourself years of suffering and pain from just one treatment!  

It’s really never too late to take action in healing your body.  You may never have a perfect, newborn baby’s health again, but it’s never late to be the best that you can be now.  

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