south austin acupuncture clinic

Believed to have been around over 4000 years, acupuncture is the most widely used form of medicine in the world.  Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of hair-fine needles into certain points of the body in order to rid the body of pain and other problems.   The style of acupuncture that we do is called “meridian balancing method”.   This style of acupuncture is one of the best methods for treating different types of pain. The needles go primarily into the forearms, hands, calves, and feet.  Very few needles are used elsewhere but we can treat pain in any part of the body.


How Does It Work?

How does acupuncture work?  The needles stimulate your nervous system.  This stimulation may feel like tingling or pressure or you may not feel anything at all.  The stimulation of certain points will tell your brain and circulatory system to change or improve the amount of blood flowing to your problem area.  Your blood carries in it all of the oxygen and vital nutrients that your body needs to heal on its own.

The effect of acupuncture should be immediate.  Within seconds of the needles going in, the pain should be reduced by about 50% or more.  After the needles are in most people feel very relaxed and may even fall asleep.   Typically, the needles stay in for 30-60 minutes.  For most conditions, a series of treatments are recommend



ed.  Traditionally, acupuncture treatments should be daily, or at least every other day to start.  As your body starts to heal, the treatments become less frequent.  How long this takes depends on the individual (age, general health condition) and the severity of the condition itself.


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