Herbal Medicine


herbal remediesWhat is Chinese herbology?  

There are roughly 13,000 Chinese herbs recorded and over 10,000 recorded formulas (combinations of Chinese herbs).  In China, acupuncturists are like physical therapists – treating physical aches and pains – and herbalists are like internal medicine doctors.  They are regarded with the same prestige as Westerners give cardiologists and oncologists.  

Are there interactions with medication I should worry about?  

Chinese herbs are extremely safe to take; there are rarely any side effects or complications.  

Tell your herbalist about any Western medications you are taking so that she can tell you if there are any problems with taking both.  There are very few interactions with prescription medications and herbs, but before we prescribe you an herbal formula, this will be talked about in detail and considered in the best way to benefit you and your health.  

Never self-prescribe herbs.  Even though they are natural, they are strong medicines and should only be prescribed by a licensed herbalist.  

What can you treat with Chinese herbs?  

Chinese herbs are used to treat just about anything.  There are some licensed acupuncturists who only use herbs and not acupuncture to treat their clients.  

Herbs are considered “internal medicine,” whereas acupuncture is “external medicine.”  

We use Chinese herbal medicine to treat problems such as fatigue, hormone imbalance, allergies, digestive problems, skin problems, hypertension, and insomnia.

herbal remediesWhich herbs will I take?  

In our clinic, we use about 700 various herbs and formulas.  There is no “set formula” for a condition.  Each formula is custom-made depending on your pulse, blood pressure and heart rate, body temperature, tongue diagnosis, and relative color changes as well as your symptoms to diagnose the best herbal prescription for your condition.  

How do I take the herbs?  

The herbs we use are powdered and are usually combined in warm water to make a tea.  Children and babies can combine the herbs into applesauce or juice.  We also carry a full line of pediatric tinctures for children and babies.

 Some of the benefits to taking Chinese herbs are:

  • They are all-natural.  The herbs we use are from California.  They do not contain animals and are not sulferated.  Mostly, they are organic.  They have been tested for purity.  
  • They work to support your body’s natural systems.  Eventually, your need for the herbs will diminish as your body starts to work better on its own.  
  • Even when we focus on one area, you tend to notice other areas improving at the same time.  For example, if we use herbs to treat your Heart, you would notice:  better sleep, more calm feeling, and improved memory and mental functioning as well as lowered blood pressure and better overall Heart functioning.