Weight Loss and Nutrition Consulting

We offer a dual approach to weight loss and nutrition in our clinic.

It’s like the yin-yang:  the “yang” part is intellectual in approach and has to do with eating healthier, reducing carbohydrates and increasing vegetable and lean protein consumption.  

The “yin” or feminine approach is what is missing from many weight loss programs:  they associate weight loss with punishment, which really is the root of the problem.  If you are treating your body respectfully and feeding her foods that are nourishing, and giving her exercise that she enjoys, slimming down should be a pleasurable experience!  

Check out our weight loss resource page for more tips!  

weight loss cleanses

Our Weight Loss Program emphasizes good nutrition:  many times just making a few minor changes to your current diet can make a big difference in your overall wellness.  We help you lose the weight without feeling deprived or starved!  

We offer gentle cleansing and Purification Programs to further help with weight loss and detoxification. We also carry and prescribe whole foods-based supplements to address deficiencies and help give the body what it needs to function at its best. We can help balance your blood sugar levels, reduce sweet cravings, increase weight loss and fat burning, regulate hormone imbalances, promote gut healing, or reduce inflammation. We can formulate a nutrition plan for your specific needs whether it be geared towards sports training, gluten-free, anti-Candida, hypo-allergenic, or disease prevention goals.


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