SSRIs and You: worth the risk?

Best treatment for depression: laughter.

Best treatment for depression: laughter.

Did you know what the effectiveness rate of SSRIs are?  SSRIs are the most common form of antidepressant medication.  It stands for Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor.  Basically, it allows for more serotonin – a “feel good” hormone – to circulate in your brain.  Sounds good, right?  Well…


The effectiveness rate according to multiple studies shows – depending on the type and brand – about 31% effectiveness.  The problems with taking SSRIs are many:  they are a little bit dangerous, especially if you decide to stop taking yours!  *NOTE:  do NOT just stop taking your SSRI; talk to your prescribing doctor first!!!  When you mess with your brain chemistry, many things can go wonky.  That’s why one of the side-effects of SSRIs are, oh, for example, homicidal or suicidal thoughts.  Yeah…no thank you very much!
Do you know about the placebo effect?  A placebo is used in a scientific study to show a measurable difference between nothing (essentially just a sugar pill) and the medication.  The placebo – or sugar pill – has an effectiveness rate of 30%.
This means that the medication is only about 1% more effective than the placebo.  Worth the risk now?  I ultimately decided that it wasn’t.
And the pharmaceutical companies make about $10 billion per year on this difference.
Why do people respond so favorably to a placebo?  Because our minds are so powerful.
Just believing something can make you feel better is about 30% of the way to actually feeling better!
In addition to just believing that you can feel better eventually, what else can work better than a medication to treat depression?  Answer:  LOTS OF THINGS!
1.  Is your diet complete?  Do you have any signs of B-vitamin deficiency?  (bright crimson or painful tongue, fissures on the sides of your mouth, necklace-like rash around your neck, alcoholism, or signs of MTHFR…)
2.  Is your gut healthy?  Your gut supplies more neurotransmitters for your body than your brain!  For a healthy mental state, you must have a healthy gut.  There is a test you can do at home to determine if you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria or fungus in your colon.  If so, getting your gut healthy with a raw garlic supplement, reduced sugars and carbohydrates, and more lacto-fermented vegetables is essential.
3.  Some things just take time to get over.  There is a time to grieve, and that’s ok.  Let yourself feel the emotion, rather than forcing yourself to feel happy before you’re ready.
Thoughts???  Have you ever taken this type of medication?  Did it help?
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  1. I enjoyed learning about the Anti-Candida Diet. Thanks for the food for thought!


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