Stay Fit While You Sit

In the Intuitive Weight Loss System, I don’t necessarily advocate a specific exercise regimen.  It’s more about moving when your “animal” — your physical body as opposed to the more intellectual and regimented mental aspect of our being — feels like exercising.natural weight loss program

Exercise and movement are a vital part of weight loss, for certain.  For people in a desk job, it’s a proven fact that just exercising before or after work are NOT enough to counter all of the negative effects from sitting all day.

It’s a proven fact that to lose weight and feel healthy you have to keep moving throughout the day!

If you have to sit for your job…

  • Fidget more:  tap your toes, rotate your head, play the “drums” with a pen, etc…
  • Use any excuse possible to get up and move around:  instead of getting up only as often as you need to, change your mindset to look for reasons to get up and move around… “Can I get you a glass of water?”  “Here, let me run and get the mail.”  Drink more water and have to use the bathroom more!  (That’s a win-win situation right there!)
  • Stand up and use the computer (good for short bursts of time).
  • Take 5 minute breaks every 2 hours (it’s against the law for an employer to prevent this.) and dance; go for a walk; do yoga.
  • Use your lunch break to physically unwind:  go to the gym, go for a walk, etc.

The most important thing is to get in touch with your body’s need (and want) to move more.  Get in touch with the movements that make your body feel really good and do more of them!

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