Indulge Your Cravings to Suppress Your Hunger

I know you’re probably thinking, “My cravings are why I am NOT losing any weight!”  Right? 

Listen, hunger is not the enemy.  Hunger is a natural response to life.  It’s when the hunger feels out of control that it feels scary.  

Our bodies get these urges to wolf down an obscene amount of chocolate, ice cream, or wine and we think something’s wrong with us.  

Well, something is wrong, but it’s not your body’s fault.  

satisfy cravings and lose weightOf course, eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s every night is certainly not the road to weight loss, but bear with me here and get ready to think symbolically.

Your cravings and hungers are simply your body’s super-intelligent way of communicating to you. 

Think about it:  you crave something sweet.  Your body wants something sensuous, not-boring, fulfilling, and fun

It’s just not (necessarily) in your mouth!  Your body, or animal, is trying to help you every day by giving you feeling and cravings.  These messages are NOT the enemy, but your body’s way of trying to help you meet your needs.  Your needs for

  • pleasure,
  • relaxation,
  • fun,
  • oxygen,
  • relationships,
  • sex,
  • sleep,
  • food and
  • water, etc.

How well are you meeting your body and your psyche’s needs for these things?

  1. Fun?  My dad always said “everyone needs a hobby.”  What do you enjoy doing?  Do you make the time to do it?  If not, why?  Is someone or some old, worn-out idea getting in the way?  
  2. Pleasure?  How often do you treat yourself to body-work like massages, acupuncture, relaxing baths, or aromatherapy?  Do you “treat” your body from time to time or do you treat your body like a work-horse, punishing and pushing without breaks?  How is your sex life?
  3. Relaxation?  When was the last time you took a vacation?  How often do you focus just on deep breathing?  What are your go-to ways of relaxation?  If they only involve food (or alcohol), it’s time to find some new ones! 

Your body naturally knows how to take care of you.  That’s his or her job, actually!  She knows how to stay slim and healthy, but only if we listen to the messages. 

Your challenge, dear readers, is to identify your cravings.  What was the last thing you craved?  Was is true hunger or do you have a greater need that either was met or not?  

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