Feeling heavy? Something weighing you down?

Not to worry: there is nothing wrong with your body. She is just responding to your environment in the best way she knows how.

First, let’s take a detailed look at your diet. A lot of what we learned in school on nutrition is, frankly, a bunch of bull. Let’s take a look at the NEW food pyramid! Hint: “fats don’t make you fat!”

Also, we need to discuss the little issue of gluten

Are you exercising? Find the right exercises for your body type.  

 How is your body image?  Too many people put the “cart before the horse.”  We think we will love ourselves more after we lose weight.  But actually, loving yourself as you are now will open the gate to a beautiful, radiant self.  Follow this one simple idea to a better body image.  

Got cravings?  Want to “curb your appetite?”  Find out why this is absolutely NOT what will lead to permanent weight loss!  

On your last vacation, did you lose weight?  Did you overindulge?  Try this one easy test to lose weight on your next vacation.  

Why does our metabolism seem to deflate as we age?  It’s because we allow our lives to become boring.  Find new exciting ways to get more pep in your step.  

Want to know how the French women stay slim and alluring?  Erica Marchand, PhD, tells us how.  

How to make weight loss easy and lasting?  Find out the one secret ingredient you may be missing.   

How do you really feel after you eat junk food?  Try this 5 minute test to see how your body reacts to certain foods.  


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