A Strange Tip for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

monkey toesModern feet are lazy.  We make our shoes do all the work!  Our feet just flop around in the shoes without a care in the world.  We don’t pay much attention to them.  Basically, the foot muscles get lazy and weak.  Without proper foot musculature, the plantar fascia becomes over-stretched and will hurt.  

How do you strengthen your foot?  It’s not with weight lifting.  Jogging or aerobic exercise won’t work by themselves and could make it worse!   

The secret is to grip the ground.  Thousands of years ago, when people wore very thin shoes or no shoes at all, they could feel the ground with their feet.  Their feet would actually grip the ground when they walk.  This is helps with stability, balance, and foot strength.  

Your foot is the root of your body:  if the foot posture is off, it will throw off the posture of your knees, hips, back, and shoulders.  

What you want to feel when you walk is your heels are slightly pointed inward, just enough so that you can use your toes to grip the ground.  Try this without shoes on.  After some practice, you can try it with shoes on.  With each step, grip the ground until your back leg is able to push you forward as you walk.  It will take some time and some thinking about it (at first), but after a while your feet will become stronger and less painful.  

Another thing to think about are your shoes.  Personally, I gave up heels several years ago.  Just not worth the discomfort.  When I see girls walking in those 4″ heels, I just can’t stop thinking of how painful that looks!  But, hey, to each their own.  I guess as long as you’re not walking around too much, it shouldn’t cause too much problem long-term.  Suffer for fashion, right?

Another type of shoe I’m starting to not like anymore are flip-flops.  They don’t allow for proper toe-gripping; they are made for those modern lazy-feet, for sure.  But for one day of splashing around the pool, what’s the harm?  


I have used them before.  If you’re having acute pain it can help you in the healing process.   Ideally you can strengthen your foot to where you won’t need them anymore.

Flat feet or high arches?

I think these tips still apply.  But the structure of your feet may not change past a certain point.

Foot massage?

Yes. Definitely.

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