About the Natural Health Center

Nicole Lentfer, L.Ac.Hi!  I’m Nicole Lentfer and I am a licensed acupuncturist.  

What does “licensed acupuncturist” mean?  Well, in some parts of the world, I would be called a “doctor,” but here in the lovely state of Texas, I am a “L.Ac.,” or licensed acupuncturist.  I practice a system of medicine, some say “Oriental Medicine” or “Chinese Medicine” that has been around for, oh, around 5,000 years.  There’s not a ton of written history from back then, but we do know it’s been around for a while.  

I got into Oriental Medicine in the late 1990s when I was suffering from a bunch of health conditions that Western medicine was unable to fix.  

I had skin problems, fatigue, headaches, and abdominal bloating.  And I was only 20 years old!  The acupuncturist I saw helped me fix my diet (which I thought was very healthy, but I was very wrong) and relax.  Within a month I felt completely transformed.  Then I knew I had to learn how to do this seemingly magical system of medicine myself!  

Nicole's OfficeSo after I finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, I went to Acupuncture School at the Texas Health and Sciences University and received my Master’s in Oriental Medicine in 2003.  I opened the Natural Health Center of Austin that year.  

I love what I do and am so excited to help people get healthier every day.  

Some of the most common problems that we treat include allergies, back / shoulder / neck / knee pain, stress conditions, and hormone balance.  But we do treat all sorts of other conditions, too.  I have also had quite a bit of luck treating things that Western doctors are unable to figure out.  

Oriental medicine has techniques that can find problems – for example related to your Liver or Kidney – before Western docs can.  

Why is that?  Because Oriental medicine treats your body as a whole.  When you come into my office with a headache, I’m not just looking at your head.  I’m also looking to find the root cause of the problem.  In Oriental medicine, there could be 5 or more different types of headaches.  And a lot of times, the other symptoms in your body (fatigue, digestive problems, etc.) are actually related to the headaches.  

So even when we focus on one area of your body, you will notice lots of things improving at the same time.  

What does it mean to “optimally function?”  

Imagine having tons of energy, not needing prescription drugs to feel normal, and moving around and doing exactly what you want to do because your body has no pain.  Imagine hanging out with people who are coughing and sneezing and not having any worries about getting sick because your immune system is so strong.  Imagine having a restful sleep at night and waking up ready to go in the morning.  

All of our treatments are all-natural, time-tested therapies with little-to-no side effects except feeling better.  Within a couple of weeks – at the most – you should start to feel improvement.  

We can treat the health problems that you would normally see a family physician for.  But we do this without the side-effects of medications or surgeries. 

“I was SO tired and stressed! I received a gift certificate which turned out to be a blessing! I feel better and more relaxed than I have in years! The bonus?…the incredible staff!!”  ~ Lisa C.