About the Natural Health Center

Nicole Lentfer, L.Ac.Nicole Lentfer is the owner of the Natural Health Center since it’s opening in 2003. 

“I got into Oriental Medicine in the late 1990s when I was suffering from a bunch of health conditions that Western medicine was unable to fix.  

I had skin problems, fatigue, headaches, and abdominal bloating.  And I was only 20 years old!  The acupuncturist I saw helped me fix my diet (which I thought was very healthy, but I was very wrong) and relax.  Within a month I felt completely transformed.  Then I knew I had to learn how to do this seemingly magical system of medicine myself.

So after I finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, I went to Acupuncture School at the Texas Health and Sciences University and received my Master’s in Oriental Medicine in 2003. I love what I do and am so excited to help people get healthier every day. “

Lili Xu was born and raised in China, and Chinese medicine was the family business at that time.

Since arriving in the United States, Lili observed people’s struggles with illness, pain and dependence on many medications.  This experience triggered her to continue the journey of helping people to feel their best – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Lili has a particular interest in cupping, acupressure, acu-facial, fertility support and postpartum care.

Kelly Coyle started out as a patient at the Natural Health Center in 2012 and began working there in 2013 when the front desk position became available. 

A couple of years in, she decided to pursue acupuncture as a career and finished her master’s degree in Acupuncture and Herbology in 2018.  She’s been an integral part of our company the whole time!

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