Foundation for Wellness Professionals

Between treating patients, we volunteer with the FWP, a national non-profit.  

The purpose of the FWP is to educate people in our community on natural solutions to common health problems such as

  • stress
  • weight gain
  • back pain

As volunteers, we do not charge for these services which include free health and wellness events that we do at:

  • Churchesemployee and community health organization
  • Corporate Health Fairs
  • Women’s Groups
  • Professional Organizations
  • Community Events
  • Government Agencies
  • Charity Events

The health screenings we offer include:Screening

  • Chinese Pulse Diagnosis:  this is based on Chinese medicine.  Simply by checking the radial artery on both wrists, we can tell an assortment of things about someone’s health.  We can diagnose allergies, digestive problems, pain, arthritis, hypertension, stress conditions, hormone imbalances, anemia, and more.  After the five minute diagnosis, the patient is amazed(!) that we can tell so much just by their pulse, and then we can offer some natural solutions including diet, exercise, and nutritional adjustments that can help.
  • Free trigger point massages:  these are done directly through the clothing and are about 5 – 10 minutes per person.

We also offer free workshops on the following topics:Booth at Health Fair

  • 5 Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss
  • Balancing Hormones Naturally
  • Health and Stress

In the past we have worked with the following groups:

  • Susan G. Komen Foundation (Race for the Cure)
  • Capital Metro
  • Travis County Sheriff’s Department
  • LiveStrong Foundation (Austin Marathon)
  • Austin American Statesman (Capital 10K)
  • Shape Magazine (Diva Dash)
  • Caritas Austin (Turkey Trot)
  • Keep Austin Weird Fest
  • more…