Acupuncture Apprenticeship

  • New to practice and wondering how it all comes together after graduation?

  • In practice and struggling to get and keep patients?

  • Want to see the best ways to manage a large patient base and effortlessly see over 100 patients a week?

  • Want to make over $300K per year doing what you love?

 acupuncture consultation

I started out in practice eager to fill up my treatment tables and get people healthy the natural way.  Of course, I quickly found out that running a business takes a lot more than knowing where to put needles in people.  I didn’t even know how to properly answer my own phone line in a way that converted interested potential clients into paying patients! 

I felt like I had failed.  I moved away and paid off the loans I had taken out to start my business by working in a bar.  Definitely not how I had envisioned my future after graduating with significant student loan debt!

I started doing some research online on business management for people in the natural healthcare field and even made a trip to Dallas to take a seminar.  Using a practice management team, I found a lot of the information I had been searching for and within 2 years had rebuilt my practice with a steady flow of 20 patients per week.

I hired a receptionist and an associate acupuncturist and within the following 4 years built my practice up to over 100 patients per week. 

The amount of time and finances that I have invested in learning how to run a thriving acupuncture clinic is substantial.  I have probably spent over $75,000 in seminar fees and travel costs, let alone the “cost” of making mistakes and learning from them! 

What I want to contribute to my profession is an opportunity to learn from my expenses and experience.  I want to help our profession grow to be viewed as

  • A leading source of healthcare – a “first-choice” not a last resort
  • Professional – not a bunch of “hippies” doing “voo-doo” medicine
  • Medicine backed by science – “acupuncture works!”

This is why I have decided to open my clinic doors to other acupuncturists and acupuncture students to do a 2-day “acupuncture internship.” 

In this program, you would have full access to:

  1. All of our patient paperwork, legal forms, policies, and handouts
  2. Patient Retention Plan:  patient education on Oriental medicine; the more they understand it, the longer they’ll stick around
  3. Observation in the actual treatment rooms:  pulse diagnosis, herbal prescription and filling, and acupuncture treatment protocols
  4. New patient marketing programs:  how to set up your marketing calendar, internet and email marketing protocols, and booking appointments
  5. Front desk procedures:  how to answer phones, collect money and handle missed or rescheduled appointments

The value is $75,000 plus 5 or more years of blood, sweat and tears…

The cost for anyone interested is $1000. 

If you have a receptionist or office staff member that you would like to bring along with you to get trained in our front desk and insurance procedures, the total cost is $1250. 

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After we receive your payment, Kim, my office manager will call you to set up your internship days and times. 


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