Pain can affect almost any part of your body – your lower back, hips, knees, shoulders, neck, feet, elbows, wrists, hands – and sometimes there’s a few areas at once!  Fortunately, acupuncture is one of the best ways to get rid of chronic pain.  

Within 1 or 2 treatments, you should feel some improvements in your pain, which indicates that we’re heading in the right direction, and this is a FIX-ABLE issue. 

Whether through wear-and-tear, stress, or injuries, connective tissue can become weakened or strained.  Acupuncture, acupressure, and cupping are designed to improve the blood circulation to these areas, which will speed along the healing process.  This, combined with the right nutrition and movements will ensure a full recovery in most cases. 

For situations where damage to a joint is severe, such as in the case of a bulging or herniated disc or where there’s a lot of post-surgical or post-injury scar tissue or physical damage, we can at least

(1) prevent the pain from worsening and

(2) reduce the discomfort level

The sooner after an injury that you receive acupuncture care, the quicker you will recover!  In many cases where someone comes in the day after an injury or surgery, they recover very quickly.  For long-term cases, the treatment protocol will take longer, but you will feel a little bit better with each treatment. 


The first pulse check, I was told that I have an irregular heartbeat. ME: Sure, you are blowing smoke. She did the test again on the other wrist a couple of weeks later, and said the same thing. I told my doctor about this finding. The doctor listened a lot more cautiously and told me she was right. I have PVC, per-mature ventricle contractions. Whoa. I was impressed with that alone.
The first needle she placed in my arm was a little bit on “I felt that”. She asked me to turn my neck, pain gone, instantly. She did that again in a different area, asked me to move my hip. Again, instant relief.
The place is always clean and neat. They are punctual and very polite. ~Betty

Running Again

Nicole at The Natural Health Center has changed my life for the better. After years of knee pain and disappointing news from 2 Orthopedic Surgeons, who confirmed the problem and the pain but said that surgery wouldn’t help, acupuncture came to the rescue. Nicole put me on a treatment plan. 20 years of knee pain doesn’t go away in a day. But in less than 6 months I was running again, doing martial arts, and playing tennis! I am now in the maintenance stage and my pain has not returned. I got my life back!!! Cannot recommend this place enough. It is clean, convenient, has ample parking, and Nicole is extremely knowledgable and caring. ~Bear