Pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  

Acupuncture is like Chinese physical therapy.  In our office, the needles don’t typically go in to the pain area, but rather in places that correspond – via the nervous system – to your pain area. 

You should feel some reduction of pain within 5 minutes.  What’s happening is that they’re temporarily relaxing your sympathetic (“fight or flight”) nervous system to allow your body to go in to a very deep relaxation state.

When your body is fully relaxed, your circulation improves.  The improved circulation to your pain area helps to relieve tension and inflammation.  You should feel some relief, and often the pain may completely disappear, by the end of the treatment.

Herbal medicine and proper nutrition in conjunction with acupuncture will speed along the results.  The herbal medicine can reduce swelling and inflammation; improve blood circulation; and act as a natural pain-reliever.  Proper nutrition reduces the inflammatory response in your body and gives your body the micro and macro nutrients you need to heal.  

Fibromyalgia MUCH better!

“When I first came to this office I had hypo-thyroid and anemia. I believe I had fibromyalgia also but we never knew about it until Nicole told me and she was right. My condition got a lot worse and I started missing a lot of school because I was always in pain and had no energy at all. I had seen my pediatrician, endocrinologist, neurologist, counselor, and chiropractor. Nicole was the only one who fixed me the best. Without her I would be taking tons and tons more medicine – just covering up the symptoms and not the root cause. My results are unbelievable. I am not back in school making good grades and living my life. My pain has improved so much as well. I used to be at a 8 – 9 (out of 10 on the pain scale) and now I’m more at a 1 – 4 depending on my amount of activity. I am much more able to concentrate and have a better memory. Thank you Nicole and Melissa!”  ~ Mira

Feeling Like A New Person!

“I started with some very horrible neck pain and headaches. After taking herbs, vitamins, and cupping sessions, I feel like a different person. I enjoy knowing that one day I may be Rx free. I was on Lexapro for approximately 8 years and I have not been on it for a month and feel 100% better than when I was on it. NHC has changed my life!”  ~Alicia

Acupuncture for Sciatica = the Best

“I was unable to sleep and, I had sciatic leg pain due to an accident. I was unable to stand for long periods of time or unable to walk for more than 20 minutes without pain. I started using acupuncture, chiropractic and fitness and the combination of all 3 relieved my pain but the acupuncture gave me the most benefit.”  ~ Bridget