Allergy Season Remedies

Welcome to Austin:  Allergy Season Capitol of the World!  

What is an allergy?  It’s a(n over-) reaction in your nervous system, including your adrenal glands (your stress and hormone glands).  What is an allergen to you may not be an allergen to someone else. 

Why do our bodies over-react to some substances and thus create this “allergic reaction?”  There are many factors that come into play:

  • Genetics:  Some allergies are inherited, but I always like to say the “genetics is not necessarily destiny!”  NAET treatment offers real solutions to common allergies to pollens, eggs, nuts, fruits, bugs, and chemicals.  An allergy that is usually inherited that may not ever go away is a gluten, or wheat allergy.  For anyone with persistent allergies of any kind, I would highly suggest trying the 21-day gluten-free challenge.  


  • Emotional Health:  Stress will make your nervous system more vulnerable to allergies.  Here is more information on stress relief techniques.  


  • Diet and Nutrition Habits:  Junk in = Junk out…  a balanced diet (at least 80% of the time) provides enough vitamins to your body to keep your immune and nervous systems aligned and healthy.  


  • Time:  The longer you have had a health problem, the more persistent and ingrained it becomes in your body.   Here is more information on boosting your immune system.  


  • Medical History:  Some medications or surgeries make your body more vulnerable to allergies.   If at all possible, I always recommend trying herbal remedies (prescribed by a licensed herbalist like myself!) or this home remedy for ear infections before resorting to antibiotic use.  


  • Environment:  Sometime the pollens are just too high or the viral count in the air is too much, in those cases, we just do the best we can with supporting our bodies’ natural defense systems.  Here are some Cedar Fever Solutions as well as how to survive flu season.  
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