How do you feel about “namaste?”  

I don’t say it.  You’re supposed to say it at the end of yoga class with your hands in prayer position, but I typically rebel against most things you’re “supposed to do.”  

Mostly it’s because I don’t really understand the meaning of it.  I’m not Hindu and I won’t pretend to be for someone else’s comfort.  

Another phrase that I instantly turned up my nose to was “holding space,” as in “you need to hold space for someone…”

“Holding space,” phhhft.  “What a bunch of hippies!”

Now you still won’t catch me saying those words; it helps if you say it with an ultra-spiritual voice, “holding space.”  But I have come to understand the meaning.

And the meaning is important.  

Listening to someone without interrupting is holding space.  

Being with someone as they’re going through some intense emotional shit is holding space.  

Pretending to be Rainbow Dash when your daughter asks you to play my little ponies with her is holding space.  

Scheduling time for an acupuncture treatment is holding space for yourself.

Holding space means taking the time without being overly concerned about the time being taken.  

And I think it may be the antidote to all the craziness we’re dealing with:  consumerism, violence, Netflix-and-iphone-techno-binges, sexism, racism, classism, hey, it’s starting to sound like a John Lennon song here.  

So how about for the holidays, you hold some space.  

Namaste.   😎