cheetosI used to be OK with this answer, “I eat pretty healthy.”

Then I realized that my definition of “healthy” is not the same as everyone else’s.  

“Healthy” for one person may mean drinking diet soda instead of regular soda.  Or it may mean not eating meat.  The word “healthy” is too vague.

For me, “healthy” eating is…

  • Drinking water for 90% of my beverage intake.  And it has to be filtered water.
  • Trying my damn-est to eat a lot of vegetables.
  • Avoiding junk foods like doughnuts, “popular” snack foods like Cheetos and Pringles, and sugary drinks like lemonade.  
  • Eating organic animal products like fresh (not farmed) fish, free-range eggs, hormone free milk products, and grass-fed beef and butter
  • Eating whole grains (like brown rice, organic corn chips, low-sugar granola) or organic potatoes when I feel like I need a little more carbs in my diet

This is how I eat 80% of the time.  

The other 20%…

Let’s just say…I eat the occasional cookie, dark chocolate (which I would actually categorize as a health food anyway), coffee, wine, beer, pizza, ice cream, or hamburger with the non-gluten-free bun.   Hey, you have to live a little.  

Weight loss – if that’s what you’re into – is not really about limitations, but about balance.

Balance in your life.  Strive to be healthy, not a certain number of pounds.  The more you focus on the number on the scale, the higher you’ll see it climb because you are forcing your body into a stressful position of “I’m not good enough.”  

Instead, focus on eating healthy.  

Eat what is natural.  What grows in the earth without much processing.  Shop at the natural grocery store, or even better, at the Farmer’s Market.  The closer to nature you are to your food, the more into balance you will become.  

[tweetthis]As you eat more healthy foods, you feel better and your “food memories” change. Right now, if you crave “crap food”, it’s partly because in your brain, your neurotransmitters are remembering those crappy foods as being pleasurable. They are not. They have tricked your body.[/tweetthis]  

Once you eat more vegetables, and less sugar and processed foods, your feelings and memories of foods change.  You feel so much better eating the more natural foods, that the thought of eating, say Cheetos, will literally make you want to vomit.  

When you get the nutrition you need from your food or vitamins, your energy will be abundant.

When your energy is good, you can do the things you want to do.  You can get creative and enjoy life.  

Then and only then will you only eat when you’re hungry.  And stop when you’re full.  Your body will achieve balance, and your weight will stabilize.  

 Now you:  what does “eating healthy” mean for you???

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