Suresh Natarajan

Suresh Natarajan

When the 10s unit of your age goes up one digit, you stop and pay attention.  10s…almost an adult!  20s…party time!  30s…oh, so mature.  40s…wise and not-too-old yet.  50s…distinguished.  60s…been there, done that, and going to do some more.  70s…this could be a good thing / could be a bad thing.  80s…look at me, I’m 80!  90s…I need an award or something.  100s…would you like to know my secrets?

I love to read Vogue magazine and I subscribe to it even, but I absolutely can’t stand their articles on “beauty,” because they’re always about how to mask your age with lasers, chemical-based potions, and other invasive – albeit high-tech –  procedures.  Can’t a woman (or man) age naturally anymore?

I never in my life worried about my skin (except in the 80s when “everyone” was tan and I was – at the most – slightly less white in the summer) until recently when I had to face the fact that I had wrinkles.  My face was looking my age.  So I did what any other sane person would do and go to my hippy-cosmetics store (everything there is so natural you could eat it, I think), and buy a $400 face cream.

The good news is that I think it’s working.  But in the meantime, I have some other (mostly free/affordable) snippets of wisdom for maintaining fresh-ish skin as you age.

These I hope you already know:  drink more water and less alcohol/caffeine/ junk beverages.  Alcohol, caffeinated drinks, and those god-awful sugary drinks dehydrate you.  Dehydrated skin is dry, wrinkled skin.

Same goes for smoking.  More smoke –> more wrinkles.

Other foods that are super-hydrating for your skin:  vegetables.  Vegetables literally make you more beautiful.  There’s a phytonutrient in vegetables called astaxanthin that has been found to make your skin more resistant to sun-damage and aging.  Also, chlorophyll literally helps regenerate your skin cells.  

Exercise.  An essential part of staying young (physically and mentally) is with regular exercise and movement.  Exercise improves circulation, and circulation to your skin is what keeps the cells turning over and staying fresh.  Studies show that exercisers over age 40 have skin with an elasticity that resembles those in their 20s and 30s.  Other studies have found a link between regular exercise and the lengthening of the telomeres, the part of your chromosomes that control aging.  Aging occurs as your telomeres shorten.  Plus, the endorphin release of exercise reduces stress and we all know that stress will age you.  

Relax your eyes.  Have you ever looked in a mirror when you’re pissed off at someone?  That line people get between their eyebrows is from being chronically pissed off.

There’s a time to be angry and a time to just let it go.  Learn the difference and when you’re not pissed off, practice letting your eyeballs just hang out in their sockets.  Don’t try to strain your eyes too hard to see something or understand someone.  Just let them hang out.  Trust me; it’s easier said than done.

When you’re walking and sitting, make sure your neck is in a straight line with your spine.  From there, your eyes should be perfectly positioned to look straight ahead and shouldn’t need to strain too hard.

Sleep.  They don’t call it beauty rest for nothing.

Quality skin care products.  Read your labels!  Don’t use anything on your skin that you can’t pronounce or that is based in alcohol.  All those toxins and alcohol dry your skin up.  Dry = wrinkles.  Unfortunately, this also means you can’t buy like 90% of the beauty products on the market because they’re all full of alcohol and other crap ingredients.  I’ve found a few brands at the health food stores that are good and I also like W3LL cosmetics for their makeup as well as cleaners and moisturizers.  Yes, it’s pricey, but there are less expensive options out there too; you just have to look.

elixir vitae

“Tata Harper” – the infamous $400 cream / worth every penny

one love

“One Love” – awesome daily cleanser


“May Lindstrom Cosmetics” – clean dirt is made of spices and you can literally eat it! Plus, exfoliation.


also May Lindstrom – honey mud. I want to eat spoonfuls of this stuff. Can be used as a mask or cleanser.









Last but certainly not least:  facial acupuncture!  This is how the illustrious empresses and concubines of ancient China kept their beauty.  No, not “Pearl Cream” with “special Oriental ingredients.”

Facial acupuncture consists of several super-tiny needles, like the smallest needles we have, going into the upper most layer of skin.  

facial acupuncture

This resurfaces the skin cells via collagen release, which is a process that slows down as we age.  Instantly you see brighter, softer, and more toned skin.  It’s really quite amazing.  You look more relaxed and awake.  And all so very natural.  You will not look like you had a facelift, but rather like a spa vacation!  See typical results below:

before_after before_and_after


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