Blood Stagnation

In TCM, if your blood is stagnant, this is a little worse than if your Qi is stagnant. It could be from long-term repressed emotions, injuries, or repetitive movements (or lack thereof). No doubt, you have pain, either physical or emotional.

Step one: improve circulation. Cold –> contraction –> pain. No matter what your physician tells you about icing your pain area: don’t do it. Use heat. The cold may help temporarily, but in the long-run will make it worse and make it harder to heal. The heat will improve circulation which can help you heal permanently.

Moxa can also help, as long as you don’t have toxic heat in your joints. An acupuncturist can help you with this.

Herbs that are helpful include: turmeric and boswellia (frankincense). As always, talk with a licensed herbalist before using.

Exercise is helpful as well, even if it’s just gentle stretching or working on your posture. Foam-rolling is good to learn too. Acupuncture is very helpful for improving pain conditions and blood flow.

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