The time of year is upon us…December through February…the dreaded Cedar Season.

No fear: your allergies are fix-able. Follow this step-by-step process and by next year, your cedar allergies will be at least 50% improved.


1. Clean up your diet: your diet has everything to do with your immune system functioning. Eliminating anything artificial (colors, flavors, things you can’t pronounce), refined (“white”) grains, excessive milk or dairy, and sugary snacks. Focus instead on consuming plenty of organic proteins (fish, beef, poultry, bison), at least 5 colors of vegetables at every meal, and one piece of fruit per day. Snack on nuts or organic yogurt. Limit alcohol consumption to less than 1 drink per day.

2. Manage your stress: listen to your body and rest when you are tired. Don’t try to squeeze too much into one day. Repeat after me, “I am not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.” Stay positive. Where your mind goes; your body will follow. In other words, don’t think too much about “crap.” Take care of the “crap,” and then move on.

3. Take vitamins: Take a good quality multi-vitamin, and supplement others as needed. A quick guide:

Immune system problems => Vitamin C
Nervous system problems => Vitamin B
Emotional, Low energy, or Vegetarian => Iron, Vitamin B12
Thyroid issue, muscle cramps, insomnia => trace minerals
Inflammation => Fish oil
Joint pain => Glucosamine
Digestive problems => Digestive enzymes, probiotics

4. Avoid antibiotics: antibiotics do a few damages in your body that will hinder your immune system. First, they “trap” the “evil qi” in your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (say, thousands of years ago) they called bacteria and viruses one of the “six evils” which include heat, fire toxin, wind, cold, damp, and phlegm. Antibiotics will not release the pathogenic factor from your body; they kill the pathogen in your body where it just…hangs out…waiting to become re-activated. Secondly, antibiotics strip your gut lining of valuable bacteria. YOUR GUT LINING IS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Another theory in Chinese Medicine is that the health of your Large Intestine will determine the health of your respiratory system. They are connected organs.

5. Use a neti-pot and aromatherapy. The first 4 steps you would do year-round to ensure a smooth allergy season. This step you don’t need to do until you feel symptoms of allergies. A neti pot you can get online ( and you fill with warm water and a pinch of sea salt to rinse your sinuses. I like to use eucalyptus, mint, or citrus (or all of the above) in a crock pot or in a hot bath to open my sinuses.

Ok, so I want to know…has anyone been trying any of these things and, if so, how are your allergies this year??? Please respond in the comment section!

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