In TCM, dampness is another one of the “6 Evil Qi.” It’s usually a side-effect of a Deficiency of Qi, Yin, or Yang plus exposure to damp elements. Signs of dampness include a swollen-looking tongue, swelling in the joints or edema or bloating. You may feel tired or heavy. Weight gain is a possible symptom but not always. Usually there is a mental fog that accompanies damp.

To treat this, you must stay away from excessive sugars. Read labels of your foods and drinks. Eat only fresh vegetables, healthy fats and oils, quality proteins, and small amounts of fresh, seasonal fruits.

Also, stay dry.

If you sweat a lot or live in a damp environment, make sure the wetness doesn’t stay in contact with your skin too long. Women on their period or post-partum need to take special care to rest more and not over-exercise.

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