In traditional weight loss programs, you are usually told to count your calories. Calories in < calories out = weight loss, right?

I’m not sure it’s that simple.

nutrition and weight lossI tell my clients not to worry so much about the scale, but about how you feel.  Some of the typical things that I hear are this:

“I feel fat.”

“…but I’m not losing any weight.”

“I’m craving sugar all the time.”

Well, let’s do an experiment.  I love a good, old-fashioned scientific approach to things!

Let’s say your go-to comfort food is chocolate-covered Gummy Bears.  Before you dive in to the package, take a moment to assess how you’re feeling.  If you want to be really scientific about it, write down how you physically feel in a journal (“a little tired; nervous about tomorrow’s big test; definitely hungry…”)  

Take a few bites.  Wait at least 5 minutes.  Re-assess how you’re feeling.

Do this and let me know in the comment section or email how the “experiment” goes for you.  You can try the experiment with a food you’ve never had before too.  

Often what we THINK we love to eat can be very different than the food that actually make us feel great!

I’ll tell you my personal experience doing this.   Years ago when I was struggling with candida issues, in order to get healthy, I had to radically change my diet habits.  I became used to not eating wheat products like pasta, cereal, and bread.  I ate lots of vegetables, nuts, and protein.  And I felt great after about a month of doing that.

My experiment happened when I was tempted by a little mac-n-cheese.  It tasted great.  Afterward, I felt itchy.  I also felt like my abdomen was swollen and I felt emotionally uncomfortable – like anxiety.  Then I remembered:  that was how I used to feel all the time!  

After that, eating well for me was a “no-brainer.”  No way was I going to go back to the way I felt before.  Try this little experiment and let me know in the comment section what happens:

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