I have a lot of patients who go to a chiropractor regularly.  …and I actually have several friends who are chiropractors!  Do I think that chiropractic adjustments work?  The short answer is “yes.”  I know that when I get an adjustment, I feel better, and I am of the mindset that if something makes you feel good, then it’s probably right for you.

Of course, with any profession, there are good and bad (and the in-between, we’ll just call them the “ugly”). 

Without actually having a background in chiropractic medicine, I can only speculate that the purpose of adjusting the spine is to recondition the alignment of the vertebrae and, therefore, the nerves.  It’s a “physical medicine,” just as acupuncture is also a “physical” form of treatment.  

I think when it comes to finding a good chiropractor, one main question I ask is:

Are they working on the surrounding musculature and connective tissues or just on your bones?  

Adjustments alone I don’t think work unless they are combined with one or more of the following:  

  • regular deep-tissue massage or acupuncture to relieve muscle “knots” and tight areas,
  • exercises to strengthen weaker muscles that can help support the adjustment, or
  • supplements to balance your body’s chemistry.  

Without any of these other areas being addressed, the adjustment will hold for maybe a day or two and then just go back to the original position, depending on how long your body has held that original position.  For example, I fell and my tailbone was out-of-sorts for a day or two.  I had one adjustment on my low back and it was fine.  However, if I had waited years before getting the adjustment, then it would probably require months of treatment to go back to normal!  

 I would love to hear from you, especially if you go to a chiropractor.  What has been your experience with chiropractic?  …or your experience in combining chiropractic with massage or acupuncture?  Are there any chiropractors that you recommend?