Employee Training – PART 3


At the beginning of your shift, open up your computer at the front desk (you’ll need to memorize some passwords), and open up a few tabs:  Unified Practice (UP) calendar and patient list and Google “Sheet Logs”.  You’ll be frequently clicking between those tabs, so get them ready.


UP is our current online scheduling and electronic medical notes (EMR) system.  We will give you the password in person in our office.  Please memorize it or write it down.  Everything we do is on this system.

Once you log in, you will see the ‘dashboard’.

Options on the left side of the dashboard include

  • calendar
  • patient list
  • billing

Those are the tabs you’ll use the most.


Remember what our hours are?  _______________________________________

Also, we have “paperwork hours” on Mondays 1-3pm and Thursdays 1-3pm.  Our meetings are Tuesdays 3-4, so remember not to schedule patients then.

Remember who works what hours?

Remember what appointments take longer so you can plan and schedule them accordingly?

You’ll see the patients listed with what time they’re coming in and for what type of appointment.

When they come in, make sure to introduce yourself.

If you click on the patient’s name, you’ll see more detailed information about their appointment.  Under the red flag, near the top of that information, you’ll see some dates and numbers.  This tells you a little bit about their treatment plan.  It should specify what dates they’ve had treatments on, how many treatments are covered under their current plan, and if they have a plan.

Under the “service” portion here, you’ll see the “type” of treatment they’re getting that day.  This way we know if it’s their first, second, third, or fourth (day 1-4) or if they’re an “established patient.”


Established patients, once you greet them, can fill out a daily notes page, take it back to the treatment room, place the form in the black box, take off their shoes and socks and lay down to relax and start their treatment.  Let the treating acupuncturist know they’re ready.

Day 0s – make sure their paperwork is completed before you send them back for their consultation.  You check this by going to the patient list page, clicking on their name, and finding the “forms” tab to check.  If they don’t have this complete, give them an ipad to complete. 

When the day 0 comes in, try to greet them by name.  Ask them if they’d like some water or hot tea, then go and get it for them.

Ask if they have insurance they’d like you to verify for any future appointments.  If so, take one photo of the front of the insurance card and one of the back with the front of the driver’s license.

Check the benefits online.

Fill in this information on the day 0 form.

Once all this paperwork is complete, let the acupuncturist know that “your new patient is ready.”

Days 1-3 have “reading” to do before their treatment.  Days 1-2 read their booklet, let you know when they’re done, then you’ll page the acupuncturist to let them know to take the patient back.

Day 3 – after they read, you’ll explain to them the normal procedure when they come in for treatment.  Show them how to fill out their daily condition sheet, walk back to the #ed treatment room, and explain how to take their shoes off and lay down.  Place a treatment plan form in their black box as well.  Let the acupuncturist know they’re ready.

Day 4 is mostly an established patient, so they just fill out their daily form and head back to a room, except one little thing:  they don’t have a treatment plan yet!  At the end of their treatment, someone needs to ask them what they want to do moving forward.  Don’t worry – this typically won’t be you!

If the patient closes the plan, you have them sign the plan form, arrange payment, and get them scheduled out as far in advance as you can.  Ask them “what days / times are the best for you and I’ll reserve them for you.”

For payment arrangements, they can pay in advance, or fill out an auto-pay form.  We don’t allow treatment plans any other way.  If they want to pay as they go, or give us a check, that’s fine, but they can only get the pre-pay or plan discount if they prepay for a series of treatments at one time.

For auto-pay, which is a popular option, they fill out the form, choose the date they want the payment to come out, and you complete the online portion.  Weekly, you’ll also be verifying these payments.

After a patient closes a plan, go through all the check boxes at the bottom of the plan page to ensure you’ve tracked all necessary data:


Fill in the authorize.net form and enter info online *unless paid in full in advance; enter any supplement and herb credit onto Google sheets; enter plan frequency and # of treatments into flag; make sure we have a photo of their plan (and auth.net payment form) saved in UP’s ‘file’ (via the ipad); enter closed plan name and info on Google sheets for “closed plans.”

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