Employee Training – PART 4

Checking Out Patients!

  • Know when to schedule a patient
  • Identify insurance or cash patients
  • Collect payment
  • Adjust balances for the Date of Service

Get to know the Day 0 form (from the patient’s first visit) and Treatment Plan (either from day 3 / 4 or “maintenance”).  All the information concerning their frequency of treatment, treatment costs, and how they’re paying (or insurance is paying) is displayed here.

Both of these are saved in the “Patient List” tab of Unified Practice.  (“Patient List” –> find patient’s name –> click “Files” to find) 

Frequency of treatment is also listed on these forms; however, as each patient has fluctuations with their health, we check the “VIEW INTAKE” (also from “Patient Files”)>”Assessment” for specific instructions on when to schedule the patient and for what service. This is written each visit by the treating acupuncturist.  Quick reference for where the patient is on their plan is stored in the patient’s ‘red flag’.

You will also want to check to see if the patient is taking supplements or herbs home with them (“Patient List” –> “View Intake” –> check “herbs Rx” portion). Let the acupuncture assistant know so they can pull the herbs and write up a supplement schedule before the patient is ready to leave. 


Insurance Patients

On the treatment plan, you will see “Acupuncture (covered)”.  This means the patient is insured and only responsible for the copay/co-insurance amount. We offer 10% discounts on copays of 3 or more.

Checkout is relatively easy with Unified Practice because the practitioner selects the CPT codes and ICD pointers for you. All you have to do is a glance over to make sure all the dropdowns are populated appropriately (the green and red boxes highlighted below). Next, select ‘Create Claim’ at the bottom of the screen. 

At the end of the day you can submit the batch of created claims by clicking “Billing>Claim List,” choosing “Claim Created” from the “Billing Status” dropdown, selecting the boxes next to the claims, and clicking the icon with the up arrow. 

It takes about 2 weeks to a month to get payment from the insurance company.  By law, they need to respond in 30 days whether or not they will cover the services or not.  The payment is reflected in an E.O.B/Explanation of Benefits. We wait until we receive this EOB to apply the patient’s copay just in case something comes back different than we expected.


Cash Patients

“Acupuncture (Non-covered)” means the patient is a cash patient and responsible for cash prices. A cash patient does not have insurance coverage OR we are billing towards their deductible and they are responsible for cash prices until the deductible is met. Some plans have additional charges for re-exams, consults, cupping, etc that you will want to factor into the balance for the date of service. Take into account prepays of 3 or more treatments are 20% off cash price.  Again, check the patient’s plan for accurate pricing.

If the patient has credit or payments to apply we can do that immediately as the patient leaves. You can see if the patient has credit if there is a positive ‘Credit’ found under the patient’s identifying information at very top.

If you need to record a payment click ‘Receive Payment’>Enter the identifying information highlighted in red in the 2nd picture. In ‘Description’ type the last 4digits of the credit card slip + quick note on what the payment was for…Then you have 2 options:

1. You can either add to ‘Patient Credit’ if you wish to apply the money later, or

2. ‘Apply to this Visit’ in which you can immediately adjust the balance of the appointment. Click save once you are finished entering the payment. Change the ‘Billing Status’ to reflect the status of the Date-of-Service, i.e. Paid-in-full, Balance Due, etc.  




Insurance never covers supplements/herbs, so all those costs are the patient’s responsibility. You will find the cost of supplements by checking Patient List>patient’s name>clicking the white box for the date-of-service (DOS)>scrolling down to the bottom of the page to the non-billable section. If a patient pays for these supplements as they go (as in they don’t have supplement credit) then you can collect the $ and ‘Apply to this Visit’ as shown above. 

If a patient’s name is listed in Google ‘Sheet Logs’>Supplement Credit Sheet, then the patient has prepaid for supplements and all supplements are discounted 10%. There is a running log next to each patient’s name that shows $ deductions and date of purchase. In Unified Practice>Patient List>click white box for the DOS, adjust the supplement balance in the checkout screen (seen in the picture above) by typing in either 10% in the ‘Discount’ box or the $ amount you wish to discount.

If the patient is on an “Emperor’s Plan” and (s)he runs out of supplement credit we do not charge extra (do let the practitioner know, though).

All other patients will need to prepay $200 of supplement credit to receive the 10% discount.  If someone is not on an Emperor’s plan and is getting supplements, you can ask them if they’d like to pay $200 to get the 10% discount.  Remember this information goes on the Supplement Credit Sheet.

No supplement credit? No problem. They just pay as they go at full price.


All patients have an option to either pay as they go or receive a discount for prepaying packages of 3 or more treatments. Cash patients receive a 20% discount off treatments and 10% off supplements; whereas, insurance patients receive 10% off 3 or more copays.


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