End of the World

The apocalypse is a new era not an end of the worldThe end is near.  The “apocalypse” you kept hearing about is the end of an era, not the actual planet or humankind.  Just as in history there are periods of different prevailing beliefs, problems, and knowledge, we are entering a new epoch of time.   Old ideas are moving out and new ones are taking shape.  It’s very exciting!Here is my end of the year list; what’s in and what’s out for 2013. 

Out.                           In.
Self-centered.                                Community.
Antibiotics.                                     Vitamins.
Factory farms.                               Organic.
Power struggles.                           Open communication
Shame.                                             Beauty.
Fixed ideas.                                    New ideas.
Consumerism.                                Investing.
Medication.                                     Nutrition.
Blind faith.                                      Education.
Fear.                                                 Trust.
Prescriptions.                                Cure.
TV.                                                    Conversation.
Entitlement.                                    Production.
Anxiety.                                           Delayed gratification.

What else would you add to the list?

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