Q:  “Should I get the flu shot?”

A:  “Well, I wouldn’t get it.  Nor would I subject my kids to getting it.”


1.  There’s only a chance that the flu vaccine covers the actual viral strain that will be prevalent in the environment that year.

2.  It’s full of preservatives and other crap that I don’t think I should put into my body.

3.  If all else fails and my immune system fails to keep me safe from the flu and I get really sick, chances are…I will survive.  Most people will survive the flu.  The news likes to talk about the people who die from the flu because it makes for interesting TV.  People love to hear bad news for some reason.  

But I really don’t even think about the flu very often.  I know what it takes to stay healthy and keep my family healthy.  

One thing I’ve started doing to my regular immune-boosting routine in the last year is essential oils.  In particular, thieves oil.  Here’s the story behind thieves oil:

During the Plague of the 15th century, certain thieves robbed the dead without becoming infected. Finally, four thieves were captured in Marseilles, France, and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims of the plague. 

At the trial, the magistrate offered them leniency if they would reveal how they managed to avoid contracting the dreaded infection, in spite of their close contact with infected corpses. It was disclosed that these thieves were perfumers and spice traders who had rubbed themselves with a concoction of aromatic herbs (cinnamon, clove, and oregano).  

Now you can find thieves oil with combinations of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus or rosemary, depending on the manufacturer.  You can also get your own essential oils and combine them into your own thieves oil variation.  These oils function as natural antibiotics and antivirals.    

I get my thieves oil from Young Living, but I also have heard great things about DoTerra oils.  Their variation is called On Guard.  Another one of my favorite places to shop for essential oils is the Herb Bar on Mary St. in Austin.  

To use the oils:

1.  Dab a drop or three onto your hand and massage into the base of your neck.  

2.  Put a few drops into warm water and drink to soothe a sore throat.

3.  Diffuse several drops of the oil throughout your house with steaming warm water, a humidifier, a crock pot, or an oil diffuser.  I hear this is also good for discouraging fleas!  I’m definitely going to try this next.  

4.  Put a few drops into your bath water.  

Have you tried thieves oil?  How well did you like it?  Let me know in the comments below!