I believe you can get fit without making yourself go to the gym…fun exercise to lose weight

I believe you can lose weight and enjoy the process…

I believe you can love eating healthy foods…and actually prefer them over chips and candy…

I believe exercise can be fun…

I believe you can find the time to exercise…

How do you fit exercise into your daily habits?  Do you wake up early to squeeze it in before work?  Do you slip into your spandex after work?  …or just on the weekends?…

Do you ever feel too _____ to exercise?  …too tired / too busy / too stressed out / too lazy / too hungry / …

Try this:  just give it 5 minutes.  If, after the 5 minutes you still feel too _____, then you can stop.  But I just am willing to wager that you don’t!  Probably the exercise is just what you need.  The body needs and craves movement!  Have some fun and play in your body.  You’ll feel younger, slimmer, less bloated, and more energetic!  You have nothing to lose but 5 minutes!  (…and maybe some unwanted pounds!)

What sorts of movements do you enjoy doing?  Dance?  Yoga or stretching?  Walking your dog?  Bicycling?  I like to have a list of options.  For myself, I enjoy

  • martial arts / kickboxing
  • walking / jogging (depending on my knees and my energy!)
  • yoga
  • dance (all sorts!)

Depending on my mood, I pick the one I most feel like doing and just start feeling the movement.  

Reading this alone will not change anything for you.  I want to know:

  • What are your favorite movements?
  • and how do you squeeze them into your schedule?

If you know someone who could benefit from this information, please forward it to them!   



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