No time to exercise?  Welcome to my world.  Sometimes I get 5 minutes into a fitness class and my baby starts crying, and then…I’m done, I guess.  So we have to improvise sometimes.  Here are my very own “exercise hacks” to use when life seems to be conspiring to keep you un-fit.  


Complication #1:  Children

  • Do yoga in the house before they wake up
    ...and upward dog...

    …and upward dog…

  • Stuff the kids into a jogging stroller and hit the trail (my version of this:  use a baby wrap and go walking)
  • Have a dance party!
  • Attend a gym with free baby-sitting
  • Get a regular baby-sitter so you can take an exercise class that you enjoy
  • Play soccer / football / frisbee / etc. with your kids
  • Take everyone swimming (Barton Springs, the Y, the community pool, etc.)


Complication #2:  Travel

  • Yoga, again, would be suitable for the hotel room
  • If your hotel has wi-fi (who doesn’t nowadays?), set your laptop up, go to Youtube and do an exercise video, or find some good music videos and …dance party!
  • 20 seconds “on”, 10 seconds “off” for four full minutes EACH of push-ups, squats, and burpees.  If you have knee problems, substitute sit-ups for the squats.  
  • Pack your walking shoes and plan on hoofing it as much as possible


Complication #3:  Schedule 

  • Consider this:  you will be more effective and efficient if you make the time to exercise.  Make it happen.  


Complication #4:  Pain

  • Get out of pain — we have plenty of options to get out of pain — acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, or surgery or medication if necessary.  
  • Try water exercise like water aerobics or swimming; it’s easy on your joints
  • Try “Restorative Yoga” — it’s a style of yoga that’s ideal for those with pain, fatigue, or recovery from surgery
  • Try Tai Chi — it is gentle and will strengthen your joints
  • Lose the excess weight.  We have lots of resources here if you need help losing weight.  


Complication #5:  I Hate the Gym

You don’t need a gym membership to get exercise.  Do what your body likes to do.   Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Join the rowing club
  • Learn a martial art
  • Go for a family walk after dinner
  • Get a dog and start walking / jogging her
  • Take a dance class — you’re never to old to learn the salsa!  
  • Get a book on yoga and teach it to yourself
  • Try one new exercise every day for a month!  
  • Go to a rock climbing gym
  • Get a trampoline or a jump rope and do that for 5 minutes every day
  • Get a bicycle and start riding around town instead of driving
  • Walk to the bus stop instead of driving
  • Take the stairs 
  • Find the parking spot the furthest from the front of the store

How about you?  What do you think gets in the way of your exercise?