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santaThis season, give the gift of health.

For someone with headaches, allergies or neck and back pain, this may be the perfect present.

It’s not technically health wrapped up in a bow (what would that look like?), but it’s a gift certificate for someone (someone who is not currently our patient) to come into our office and receive:
  1. An initial consultation and Chinese pulse diagnosis
  2. A medical history and testing including adrenal test and saliva ph to detect hormone imbalances and internal inflammation
  3. Acupuncture or herbal treatment
All of this for the great low price of $80.  (Normally it would be $155.)  

Limit 2 per person to give as a gift to someone who has never been a patient in our office.  
Ok, I’m done selling stuff.  Enjoy your Holy-daze!  
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