The One Thing Keeping You from Losing Weight

No matter what you know about dieting if you don’t do this one thing you will never lose weight even if you just eat lettuce.  We are all guilty of it at times. What is it? It’s eating when you’re not hungry.

You may be thinking “I don’t do that.”  But do you ever catch yourself saying “That sounds good” or “I could eat that” or “mmmm…chocolate-covered peanuts” or “time to eat.”  Or even worse not thinking anything at all and just grabbing something as you’re walking through the kitchen.

Real hunger is different. You feel a little light-headed, maybe your stomach rumbles or you get cranky. But make no mistake -you are absolutely ravenous.

Fake hunger, on the other hand, occurs out of habit – a certain time, location, or situation triggers the eating behavior – or subconsciously – from unresolved emotions.  

The only way to stop this pattern is to pay absolute attention to your body’s sensations when you go to eat or drink something.  Are you really hungry?  If not, don’t eat!  

healthy weight lossWhen I first started doing this, and when I was going to eat something when I was not truly hungry, I noticed a lot of tension in my jaw.  I had to consciously tell myself to relax.  I think I was eating out of stress, or maybe boredom.  Rather than treating those emotions with a snack, I had to actually deal with them!  This is a great way to discover more about what you really want out of life.  What other things would “fill me up” that are not served on a plate?  

Paying absolute attention to your body when you eat, making sure your body is truly hungry before you chow down, you will realize that you can eat almost anything and not gain weight.  Do you remember when you were a kid and could do that?  That is because kids – mostly – only eat when they are hungry.  Ever try to feed a kid who is not hungry?  They simply don’t eat!  You can have ice cream, wine, chocolate, and candy if you want – and if you are truly hungry when you eat or drink it.  The only thing to watch for is that if you make the majority of you diet (over 20%) junk, you will feel pretty “junky” too.  Healthy food is for your health; weight loss is something a little different!  

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and opinions on this matter.  Please leave a comment below if you are trying to lose weight and what you have tried that has not worked and what has worked for you.  


  1. I always read your blogs and I feel like they’re extremely helpful. I’ve recently lost about 40 pounds. I started off by doing exactly what you’re talking about in this blog. I only eat when I’m hungry and now my body tells me when I’m hungry like you mentioned. I eat snacks through out the day to help when I’m angry hungry around 12pm and 5 or 6 pm. My snacks include real food like fruits, plain yogurt, nuts, string cheeses or veggies. Changing my eating habits has really changed me! And I started working out too.

  2. My husband and I are overweight but we just made it through a 40 day cleanse using a book called, Devoted Bodies. ($18.00) Basically vegan. Very hard for my meat loving hubby. We learned to be in control of our wants and needs. Now that we are off of the cleanse we are re-introducing certain foods into our diet but I have learned to drink water before putting food in my mouth in case I’m really just thirsty. We are still losing weight. I keep only healthy snacks in the house like, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, seeds, V-8 juice and hummus with cut up veges. We are eating healthy meals so we feel satisfied. Brown rice cooked in vegetable broth with garlic added, instead of white rice with butter, spaghetti squash instead of pasta, lots of different legumes and root vegetables in soups daily. We use to eat lots of sandwiches, now we toast a piece of sprouted bread, spread some nut butter on it and we are satisfied. It is very important to be prepared for all your meals, a crock pot helps alot. Keep a baggie of nuts or fruit at all times in your purse or car and bottled water or v-8 juice. This keeps you from pulling over for fast food or soda. I had to turn off the sound during commercials about food. We were told about a great documentary called, ‘Forks Over Knives” on Netflix, it showed us why we should eat more veges and less meat. When I think of eating due to stress or boredom, I take the dog for a walk or go check the mailbox. We each lost 15 lbs in 40 days and my diabetic husbands’ #’s went from 100’s to 80’s. At first all he could do was complain and talk about what he was going to eat when it was over. I almost gave up, but I kept following the plan and it changed us. Now he sticks to our new eating habits more than I do. I am so proud of him. If your body is getting what it needs it won’t crave what it doesn’t need. We ate: vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, legumes. Nothing with a face or a mother (meat/seafood), no dairy, no eggs, no oils, nothing processed. I learned that I don’t need oil to cook with, I just use vegetable broth, this was a really surprising discovery for me. We get our oils from the nuts we eat. I prefer herbal tea now instead of coffee and I only use Stevia as a sweetner. I use coconut/almond milk in place of dairy milk. I cook often with canned coconut milk. We use Braggs’ spray on Amino Acids in place of soy sauce. We use juice from fruit, salsa and vinegars and seasonings for dressings on our salads. We are trying out new recipes and really enjoying our new venture on life. We feel better and look healthier. Who would have known we could change our lives for the better by just giving it what it needs and not what ads tell us we should eat.

    • Awesome, Laura. It sounds like you’re on the right track.


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