Actually, I must say that the title of this article is just to catch your eye.  By law, I will never recommend that you stop a physician-prescribed medication without first discussing the situation with the prescribing doctor.  What I really want to inform the public about is how versatile Chinese herbs are.


Herbal Antidepressants and Sleep Aids

There are categories of Chinese herbs that act to – the closest Chinese translation  – “calm the spirit.”  These herbs can

  1. Nourish the blood supply to the Liver and Heart
  2. Move the blood through the Liver
  3. Sedate “fire”

Thousands of years ago the founders of Oriental medicine found that when certain organs get “out of balance” it can affect your mood.  Conversely, extreme stress or other emotions can imbalance organs.  The herbs can bring the organ back into health and will assist the emotional recovery.


Herbal Anti-inflammatory and Pain-Relievers

Trauma to the body causes what we call in Chinese medicine “blood stagnation.”  Basically it’s dead blood cells that have accumulated in an area.  If your body doesn’t circulate those dead cells out, then you are left with soft tissue damage (if you see me write “STD” on your file, don’t panic, you don’t have gonorrhea…).

Trauma can also leave body tissues swollen.  From your pulse diagnosis we can determine if the pain is due to blood stagnation or swelling.  Either way, there are herbs that actually promote the movement of the dead blood out of the body, help to regenerate fresh blood cells, and reduce the “heat” in the tissue which causes the inflammation.


Herbal Antibiotics

Acute inflammation from a bacterial infection (or virus even) can be treated with Chinese herbs.  There are herbs that “clear wind-heat” (a little throat tickle), “clear heat” (fever, inner ear imbalance, full-blown infection), and “clear fire-toxin” (raging infection or inflammatory / immune condition).