Have you heard this one before?  “Go ahead, eat it; you’re on VACATION!”

I believe we can ALWAYS eat what we want.  It’s really just a matter of figuring out what your body REALLY wants.

Many of our favorite foods are just “food memories.”  We remember eating them and enjoying them.

Once you get more used to eating with presence, not mindlessly munching, but really feeling how your body is feeling and responding to the nutrition (or lack thereof), your favorite foods may change.

Last week I took a vacation with my family.  Actually, it was a family reunion. 

enjoying food and still losing weight on your vacationOne of my favorite foods to eat as a child were my grandmothers kolaches.  She was Czeck and was a great cook.  The pastry was buttery and soft with (canned) fruit filling.

This past week, my aunts were making kolaches.  I thought I would try one.  Fresh out of the oven, still warm, I had a cherry kolache.  To my surprise, it tasted kind of bland.  Actually, I didn’t even like it.  Just to make sure, I tasted the apricot-flavored one too.  Yep, I definitely did not care for it.  It actually was not even a temptation for me at that point!  I got very little pleasure from eating them. 

Try this:  on your vacation (or any time really), allow yourself to “taste-test” your “favorite” or “temptation” foods. 

Do you REALLY love it?  At what point do you stop enjoying it? 

When you taste it, really tune into what your body is saying.  Is it pleasurable?  Is it what your body wants? Take some deep breaths and take your time.  Don’t just snarf it down without paying attention.  

So many people are afraid they will go off the deep end with this exercise, so they go to great lengths to keep the temptation foods away from them.  In truth, though, you probably will discover that:

1.  your love for this food is actually limited.

2.  your body will know when he or she has had enough of it.  At that point it becomes much less pleasurable. 

3.  you probably FEEL much better eating really healthy food.  The more you allow yourself to discover new flavors of healthy foods, the more you will find NEW favorite foods! 

Let me know in the comments below how your food discovery is going.  What are your favorite “food memories?”  How did you feel after your last healthy meal?  …after your last “indulgence?”  

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