How Obamacare Will Affect Us

natural healthcare and wellnessFact: the US is #1 in the world for prescription medication usage. Our ranking for life expectancy? 38th.

Over 2/3 of Americans are overweight; over 1/3 are clinically obese.

Diseases are on the rise:  diabetes, celiac, ADHD, anxiety, allergies, chronic pain and cancer – to name a few.

Health – as we know – is more than just the absence of dis-ease.  It is optimal performance of our body, mind, and spirit.  Does the solution come down to making sure every American has health insurance coverage?  For the sake of healthcare affordability, it makes sense that we all deserve a chance to get the healthcare that we need.  Politics aside, it takes a lot more than being able to afford healthcare to get healthy!  I have lost count of the number of people with EXCELLENT insurance benefits who are not well, and really don’t seem to even make the effort to become well.  (I only wish it was possible to transfer their benefits over to the people who WANT to be well and have a hard time affording it!)

The answer to health comes down to our attitude:

1.  I WANT to be healthy,

2.  I CAN be healthy,

3.  I AM healthy,

4.  I take RESPONSIBILITY for my health.

“My body has a natural innate knowledge that knows how to function without the assistance of chemicals.  (S)he knows how to feel great and happy and how to be the correct body weight.

Life does get in the way via accidents, bad food, pollution, stress, genetics, but given the right TOOLS, my body can heal.”

It’s funny to me how, when the problem gets really bad, people then will say, “I HAVE to take this (prescription)/do this (procedure)…”  But very few people when a “little” symptom shows up (a slight recurring headache, menstrual cramps, afternoon fatigue, etc.) say “I HAVE to get this figured out so I can be healthier!” 

If we did address the smaller things with proper care (treating the root of the problem, not just masking the symptom), we would not only prevent the larger problems from taking root in our bodies, but we would actually be an overall more productive society.  Think of it:  all the time spent at doctors’ offices and not at work; the time spent sick in bed instead of getting out and socializing and networking; the cost of sick days and doctor visits versus the income going toward better schools, self-improvement, and investments for the future!

People want to blame the economy, but our own individual productivity and happiness is up to each one of us.  Your healthy body is what carries you through this life.  You ultimately decide how to take care of your vessel and (s)he then either provides a great home for your spirit, or a broken-down shack.  Obamacare, in effect, has almost nothing to do with your health!  You decide your health.


  1. Right on! Well said.

  2. One of my daughters is Type 1 diabetic. This is not a lifestyle choice. It is luck of the draw. For years she has not been able to get health insurance because of this “pre-existing” condition. She has no choice about the medications she needs to survive. Obamacare means that she can no longer be excluded from health insurance coverage. There are millions of people like her who’s condition is not a result of life style.

    • Yes, I completely agree. MOST illness is a result of choices, but something like Type I diabetes and other genetic disorders do require modern medicine and we are lucky to have access to it.


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