pinterestThink about all the things you have responsibility for in your life.

Now think about all the things you really, really, really want to do and learn.

How many things are on your list?






  1. job
  2. kids
  3. husband
  4. reading a new book
  5. exercising
  6. facebooking
  7. scrapbooking
  8. meet friends for a wild weekend in Vegas
  9. eating healthy
  10. shopping
  11. cleaning house
  12. learn Spanish
  13. travel to Europe
  14. dance classes


Pick 3 things.

That is how many things you can do without stressing yourself out.

Excuse me, things you can do well without stressing yourself out.

Consider letting the other things go.

After I had my kids, I had to let some things go in the exercise and education departments.  Would I still like to do more seminars and exercise classes in the future?  Heck, yea.  But for now, it’s not as high on my priority list.


As someone who counsels people on nutrition, I catch myself saying “I should know how to ferment my own vegetables; I should know how to do a juice cleanse…”  But you know what?  I don’t want to.  I can buy organic fermented vegetables and vegetable juice and I’m OK with that.  

The list will change.  Often.  

But for now, just consider the freedom of not having the internal pressure to do one more thing.  Outsource if you can.  Even though I really don’t mind cleaning my own house, I had come to the realization that just thinking about how I needed to sweep, mop, vacuum, and dust my house was stressing me out.  I hired a cleaning lady to come every 2 weeks.  I’m so thankful I can do that. Would I rather keep the money and do the cleaning myself?  Sure; but for now I just can’t if I want to stay sane.

Your list will change over time; sometimes it will change by the end of one day.  Everything changes with time.  That is inevitable.

I tell my kids sometimes:  “It’s OK to be bored.”  When you’re bored, your mind gets creative.  You don’t have to fill every possible slot of every single day.

Be OK with letting things go.  Enjoy the yin time.  We are too yang-ed out in our culture.  Yin out.  Go swimming; have a good summer.