I am One With the Tao, The Tao is With Me

BennyAnderson_rightsofeternalharmony_taoist_artTaoism is not a religion, it’s a philosophy.

You go with the flow.  That’s the point.  If something is too difficult, you don’t go that way.  You choose the path of least resistance.

Does that mean you don’t try anything new?

Does that mean you give up on challenges?

Does that mean if you’re scared to do something you don’t do it?


It means if you are constantly at arms, you are constantly battling a situation or a person, you just drop it.  

EXAMPLES:  you’re walking into the wind, and then dust starts to blow into your face, and you have to walk somewhere because you told so-and-so that you would, and the whole thing is just really sucking.  You’re uncomfortable; you can’t even see what’s in front of your face.  You’d rather just not.  But you told so-and-so that you would!  Well, tell them that you can’t anymore.  

Or you’re talking to someone and they want to argue with you.  Everything you say, they have a counter-point.  So you argue back.  They argue harder.  So you try to agree with them, just to keep the peace.  They still argue!  Just drop it:  tell them, “I guess I can see your point.”  Even if you don’t!  Just let go.  

Let go when it’s time to let go.  If every sign in the Universe is saying, “This is not the way to go,” don’t fight the feeling.  

There are different paths of behavior, paths of industry, paths of mood, paths of people, and you can decide for yourself which one is best suited for you at any particular time.

Nothing is ever constant, and what path is good for you one day may change the next day.  Learn to go with the flow.  Don’t fight the flow.  Unless you really like being miserable.  If you’re addicted to complaining, this will be difficult.  

It is good to work hard, and to challenge yourself.  The difference between a good challenge and something that is wrong is subtle.  Sometimes we don’t recognize it at first.

Like you’re trying to open a door and it doesn’t open.  So you try harder.  It still doesn’t open.  You kick it as you try to open it, and it still doesn’t open.

So you can cry, berate yourself, look for pity, etc. Or you can find another door.

It goes the other way, too.  Let’s say someone says to you, “You should try acupuncture.”  And you think, “yeah, that sounds cool,” but never act on it.  Then, you meet an acupuncturist who says, “Wow -you would really benefit from some acupuncture.”  And you say, “hmmm…someone else told me that, too.”  Many people would then make an effort to try this new thing.  Is it just coincidence or is the Universe sending a signal to you?  Only the individual can decide.    

Do you believe in coincidences?  

  • Have you ever experienced a strong desire to continue on a path that was leading nowhere, only to eventually decide to quit and try something else?
  • Have you ever heard of something from several different sources until you finally decided to try it for yourself?  
  • Please let me know in the comments below.  


  1. Yes. Today your email came in at the exact moment I was getting ready to send an email to an employer to decline their job offer. I saved it as a draft, read your email, deleted the draft and called them and accepted the job. I am relocating for this part time job that I’m going to love in lieu of staying for a full-time job that I would end up hating. It would have been easier to stay but it’s going to be worth it in the long run to challenge myself for this new opportunity. Thank you for sending me a sign.

    • Cool! Good luck on the new job!

  2. It is funny my hotmail is full with so many adds and I was trying to do a little declutter. Some how I opened your email and started reading. For the past 2 weeks I have been considering taking from work. I recently was dignosed with S Jogren’s syndrome and been experiencing all kinds of things. Any way reading your blog made me feel that I am doing the right thing taken a break from stress. I feel I need time to myself, to heal internal and external and that we have to trust on the one above us and let go of fears in order to gain back peace and health. Thank you

  3. Have had this happen many times.
    Most recent came to closure today before I read this. Of course, it confirms for me to let go and I had but it didn’t feel good. So I came back to it, apologized and accepted (the last thing I thought i’d do) and later it all hit me hard – I need to be more generous and honoring of others no matter what they’ve said or done. .


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