understanding yin and yangThousands of years ago in Asia, before microscopes, test tubes, scalpels, and controlled experiments ruled the medical scene, it was thought that hormone functions (reproductive functions, energy, and libido) were governed by the Kidney.  

Your Kidney has yin and yang.  The yin-yang, if you are unfamiliar, is a concept of opposites that are also intimately connected.  One leads into the other.  There is no absolute of either one:  yin always has some yang and yang always contains at least the smallest potential of yin.  For example, day-night; hot-cold; and male-female are examples of yang-yin relationships.  Without making this too confusing, every body needs a harmonious balance of both yin and yang to be healthy.  A relative deficiency of either one will lead to a health problem over time.

The beauty of treating a male sex drive problem is that it almost always is due to a deficiency of Kidney yang energy.  

You may have seen the recent ads for “Low T” (low testosterone).  Well, you don’t need a pill to get your “T” back if you follow this regimen:


  • Weight-bearing exercise in particular has a positive impact on T.
  • Sleep well.  If you don’t sleep well, the next day, try not to nap but instead have a peaceful day, maybe spending time in nature so you will be very tired the next evening.  This information comes directly from Cheng Man Ching, tai chi master and poet.  You could also try acupuncture or herbal medicines to help you sleep better.  
  • Competition also is a natural T-booster.  Anything from a board game to video game to basketball will get testosterone pumping.  I see this in my husband all the time.  It gives him no greater pleasure than to destroy me in a game of air hockey.  


  • 30% of your diet should be from healthy fats.  Think avocado, almonds, coconut and olive oils.  
  • Avoid foods that increase your blood sugar such as alcohol or excess carbohydrates (grains and starches).

chinese herbology offers many answers to male libido problems

  • You may have heard of Asian men drinking “5-snake wine”* or eating “tiger soup”…these are foods that are naturally high in zinc and protein and that have a great impact on testosterone.  You could find some on the black market, but it may be easier to get oysters, eggs, crab, liver, and peanuts at your grocery store.  Also, in Chinese herbology medicinal foods such as sea cucumber (you can find at the Chinese marketplaces and some restaurants), pipe fish, sea horse, deer antler velvet, or gecko tail.  You could try that (ew) or you could just take some Chinese herbs (plant-based) from me.  


  • Chronic stress releases excessive cortisol in your blood which lowers testosterone levels.
  • We “choose” our stresses.  For example, you can choose the stress of your job, or you can choose the stress of being broke…  Choose wisely!  

*One of my teachers told us a story about when he was 16 and he and some of his friends from school drank his dad’s 5-Snake Wine.  Apparently, healthy 16-year-olds have no business drinking it.  He said that he walked around with an erection for a week!  So, use with caution:  get an herbal prescription from a licensed herbalist only!