If you “can’t meditate,” it’s not ’cause meditation is not for you or certainly not that you’re dumb.  It’s because it’s hard.  

If you’ve never done a real push up before, I can guarantee you it will be hard.  Unless you’re one of those strangely strong people who just naturally have great muscle tone and have never worked out a day in your life, your belly will want to cave toward the floor and your arms and legs will shake like jello.  If you’re doing it right.

Back to meditation, if you’re doing something that’s worthwhile for the first time, it will be difficult.  We tell this to kids, but we forget it for ourselves.  

After you practice it every day, for at least 30 days in a row, it will become easy.  

You can do meditation sitting in a quiet room, focusing on your breathing, with your legs crossed on a regulation, official meditation pillow.

You can meditate when you do yoga.

You can meditate when you go for a walk.

You can meditate when you focus on your breathing before you go to sleep.

You can meditate when you unwind, cooking dinner, after work.

You can meditate when you take a bath and consciously relax your body.

You can meditate when you work, watch your kids, or have sex.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, there, Nicole.

Yes, this is the “advanced level.”

Once you “get” meditation (letting go of your daily thought cycle; acknowledge the thoughts, let them go, blah, blah, blah…), you can and SHOULD try to bring that mindset to your dailies.

Most of what our mind does is perpetuate our suffering.  

Let go.  

Focus on the DOING and the BEING and the FEELING instead of the thinking.  What are you DOING?  Right now.  Focus on that.  How does your body feel right now?  Focus on that.  You don’t need to assign words or value to the feeling.  Just feel.  

It’s totally OK to stop thinking (or rather, “overthinking”).

…a funny thing happens…

Then, what will happen is…

You will figure things out.

Instead of searching for answers, the answers come to you.  

The “problems” will cease to exist.  You will figure out that the solution is WAAAAYYY easier than you “thought” possible.  

Any…”thoughts”???  🙂