natural remedies for motion sicknessI think it all started with the Tilt-A-Whirl.

That was my first experience with motion sickness.  I threw up my snow cone.    

After that, I knew my limit with spinning around.  Ferris wheel = ok.  The “Zipper” = not ok. 

Of course, with most things, if they are essentially untreated (and just avoided) they will get worse with age. 

Eventually I had car sickness unless I sat in the front seat and looked out the front window the whole time.  When we went on a cruise for our honeymoon, that was a whole new ballgame of seasickness.  On one particularly rocky night on the boat, I went to the overly-priced store on board and picked up some sea bands for motion sickness“sea bands”.  They actually did help.  The problem was that I couldn’t take them off.  As soon as they came off, I was sick again. 

The next cruise, I went prepared.  I took some ginger chews, my trusty sea bands (still had them), and Gui Pi Tang (“tonify the Spleen pills”) a Chinese herbal preparation.  Much better!  I only had to wear the bands on really rough seas.  I took the herbs twice per day and felt just fine. 

Other things that (for me anyway) made a difference:

  • Consumption of caffeine and alcohol (more consumption = more dizziness and nausea)
  • Use your eyes to focus on one spot (a “drishti” in yoga-talk); sit and breathe for a few minutes
  • Bubbly water with lime
  • Peppermint or ginger tea (“wakes up” the stomach)
  • Hyland’s motion sickness homeopathic remedy (either it works or it doesn’t depending on your body’s constitution; you can try)

Any other remedies?