Discover the natural way to get your body back to health and to be happy.

When the feeling of mordern life has taken its toll on you, it may be a good time to turn toward the 5000 year-old wisdom of traditional Oriental medicine.  This time-tested system of medicine is available to you to help turm back the clock on aging and return to the vibrancy of youth.    

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Why Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine?  

80 – 90% of all health problems can be treated with our care of balanced nutrition, acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicines.  As your body systems return to health, you will find yourself more centered, relaxed, and energetic.  Modern stresses may never totally go away, but we certainly have the power to change how we handle them.   

“About one year ago I started going to the Natural Health Center for allergies to some foods such as chocolate. I had lived for years with depression, low energy, and muscle aches. I had a bad experience with another acupuncturist and was nervous to try it again, but my results at this clinic were great! I feel so good – I honestly never knew I could feel this well! I have no more depression and now I have a general sense of well-being. I feel more calm and MUCH better than I ever have! That speaks volume since I’m turning 58 next week!”  ~ Beth B.

With treatment in our clinic, you should be able to feel some improvement within the first couple of visits.