natural herbal treatment for cancerThe medical juggernaut surrounding cancer treatment in our society is truly amazing:  it’s the 2nd leading cause of death in the U.S. (just over 1/2 a million per year); the cost is over $200 billion annually (including over $100 billion for loss of “productivity” for premature death); and the treatment is “standard issue.”  The understandable fear of death drives people away from more natural remedies for the dis-ease.  Perhaps it’s the idea that “the natural stuff is probably not strong enough to treat cancer.”

Cancer was really not a common disease in ancient times.  We didn’t have the same exposure to toxic chemicals as we do today; and in general (not obviously in times of starvation), the human diet was more pure and more vitamin-rich.

Numerous research articles can be found online describing Chinese herbs’ effectiveness in killing cancer cells and there have been herbs used for CENTURIES that – according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory – “reduce swellings and abscesses.”

However, (and this is what I tell any patient who asks me if I can treat cancer,) “good luck getting your oncologist on-board with herbal treatment.”  Most oncologists will tell you that either 1. herbal medicine lacks proof of effectiveness or 2. herbs will interfere with your (chemo or radiation) treatment.

If you have a CHILD with cancer, if you refuse traditional (read:  allopathic, Western) medical treatment for this child, if you want to try to treat your child with natural medicine, the CPS may take your child away from youThere was a documentary made about this, if you have time to watch it.  There are some doctors who have been successful with natural treatment for cancer, Dr. Burzynski of Houston being one of them.

Here’s some questions I have:  if Western medical treatment for cancer is so good, then why are so many people still dying from it?  …why not try something different?  …why not teach cancer PREVENTION (through healthy diet and detoxification)?

My (controversial) answer is:  money.  There is no money in natural health care.  Well, certainly not hundreds of billions of dollars!  If a naturally-occuring herb can help treat cancer, anyone could grow it and take it!  The pharmaceutical companies would have much to lose from the public acknowledging that there are non-drug solutions to this huge epidemic.

Any comments on the subject are welcome!  Thanks for reading.

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