“Qi Gong” literally means to cultivate oxygen.  Usually it implies a type of exercise that can be done to improve your health or strengthen a part of your body.  

This Qi Gong is specifically for your joints to make them stronger and less painful.  

Do this exercise daily for at least 30 days in a row.  If you skip a day, make up for it by doing it twice the following day.  If you miss two days, start over with day 1.  The results are best experienced from the repetition and consistency of the practice.  After 30 consecutive days, you won’t want to stop because you will feel so good when you do this!  

This video takes you through the joint rotations and some other stretches.  Follow along if you like!  

[fvplayer src=’https://austinacupuncturewellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/video1.mp4′ width=204 height=360]

1.  Head:  like you’re drawing a circle with your nose.  8 times in one direction and 8 times the other direction.

2.  Shoulders:  big circles, small circles, and circles with your fingertips at your armpit; 8 times each in each direction.  

3.  Elbows:  like an old airplane propeller; rotate 8 times in each direction.

4.  Wrists:  clasp your fingers together and rotate 8 times in each direction.

5.  Waist:  8 times; with both sides counting as 1.  

6.  Hips:  8 times each direction; you can also do the hip and waist stretches.

7.  Knees:  8 times each direction.

8.  Ankles:  rotating the ankles (not shown in the video, but the ankle stretch is); 8 times each direction.