Without deep, conscious breath, it’s easy to eat mindlessly, unaware of satiety.

Nourishment of your body can and should be a spiritual ritual.  

What else is holding you onto this earth if not food and oxygen?  

Why rush through it?

When you breathe deep and fill your whole lungs up with air, you become more aware of your body.

We tend to make the ritual of eating more like a chore of feeding.  We think, “I’m hungry; let’s eat.”

In your head you have a mental list of foods you have enjoyed in the past.  The less consciousness you put on this memory, the more likely you are to grab at things that you remember gave you a sensation of happiness, like sugar, for instance.  You remember that taste sensation and associate it with happiness.

[tweetthis]Cravings are nothing but food memories. [/tweetthis]

Instead, take a minute.  

Seriously, just ONE MINUTE.  SIXTY SECONDS.  And breathe.  Just take some time to LISTEN to what your body is actually hungry for.  What she needs to be nourished, fulfilled, and energized for the day.  You may choose differently.

As you eat, don’t snarf food down like a dog.

Breathe, chew a lot, and feel your body.  Feel what your body is telling you as you eat.  Are you full yet?  Are you still hungry?  Whatever the answer, honor your body and her / his sensations.

Yes, you can find peace with your body.  And it will involve listening to her / him.

And the only way you can listen is by oxygenating each cell.  The oxygen, or in Chinese medicine we call it Qi (or Chi or Ki), is a spiritual energy that circulates your blood.  Only when your spirit and body are united can you find peace in your skin.  It has to be combined with breath.

As you breathe in, you nourish all the parts of your body and as you breathe out, you let go of what you don’t need any more.  Let go of what doesn’t serve your needs.  Let go of tension.  

Most of us breathe just enough to not die, but if we really focus on breath, we can achieve greater states of consciousness.  

DO THIS:  Focus on breathing out for five seconds.  Don’t worry about breathing in; your body will do this automatically.  Just focus on breathing out with full consciousness for 5 honest seconds.  Breathe in for as long as you need to.  Do this 10 times.  

Without having any expectations for how you will feel, what do you notice?