With technological progress comes the “dis-eases” associated with it.

For example, in the Industrial Revolution, outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and TB were a result of large city populations with increased pollution and without efficient or sanitary waste-removal programs.

In the “new age” of technology, we are seeing an increase of new disease types (autism, depression, weight gain, fibromyalgia…), and a resultant medical “scramble” trying to figure out what is causing the dis-ease and how to fix it.

In my clinical experience, I have seen and treated 5 different types of fibromyalgia:

  • compression of a nerve:  this type can improve with acupressure or chiropractic care
  • undiagnosed allergies — mainly food allergies such as gluten or dairy; an elimination diet for 3 weeks would be a helpful experiement 
  • sugar imbalances — mainly a side-effect of diabetes or over-weight persons and can be resolved with dietary changes and herbal medicine
  • trauma — physical or emotional trauma can create a “pain loop” in the nervous system that acupuncture can help to break and resolve
  • “stripped nerves” — this is one type that I find very difficult to treat!

In the case of the “stripped nerve”, I think there are several factors to take into account:  

  • the history of medications or toxins that have contributed to nervous system weakening (mercury, lead, statin drugs, etc.);
  • dietary stress (deficiency of omega 6 oils, B-vitamins, etc.);
  • injury to the body from trauma, static postures or repetitive movements; and
  • possibly a genetic tendency to nervous system disorders.  
  • The increase of cell phone usage and general radiation in our environment I believe greatly affects these people.  The result is an extreme nervous system disorder.  

The symptoms can include sensitivity to the touch, generalized extreme pain, digestive sensitivity, and inability to relax and sleep (resulting in extreme fatigue and mood swings).  

I hope that we can come up with a more efficient treatment for people with severe pain and fatigue.  I believe the treatment should include:  nutrition and detoxification, relaxation and meditation, and light exercises.  Repair of the nervous system would take a lot of time.  It would be a worthwhile search to find effective treatment types for these people who are suffering greatly.

The other 4 types of Fibromyalgia pain I believe are treat-able.  If you know someone suffering with chronic pain and fatigue, send them this link.  Sometimes it’s time to try something new!  

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