Passive  Medicine –  The patient sits / lays there and takes the medicine or treatment prescribed. 

The doctor alone figures out what the patient needs. The patient’s input is not appreciated and is considered a distraction.

Possibly, the patient’s body is diseased and cannot recover and then the use of drugs will enable the patient to exist, but never truly thrive. 

Active Medicine –  The patient and the doctor have a dialogue. The patient has valuable input on their condition and the doctor has knowledgeable questions that can help them pinpoint the causes and solutions to the health condition.

The patient can learn and practice techniques and life skills (exercises, cooking, etc.) that enable them to stay healthy on their own. 

A key component of this type of medicine is figuring out WHY the health problem started in the first place, and what can be done to ensure it completely heals and doesn’t return.  Through this style of medicine, the patient can achieve higher states of well-being:  truly achieving happiness, energy, and relaxation.  And they know how to keep themselves and their families happy.

Now, knowing these differences, why do you think so many people opt for passive medicine?