purrfect sleep positionOk, so now you’re sitting well and walking with ease.  Time for a rest!  Lots of people complain that sleeping on their shoulder or their hip, etc. hurts.  Sometimes you may notice that your pain areas are worse in the morning.  Stretch-lying is designed to help that.  The good news is that you can stretch-lie on your back, side, or front.


  1. When you stretch-lie on your back, use a bolster or pillow under your knees.  Relax your feet out to the sides.  As your feet externally rotate, your hips and legs will relax out.



  2. Momentarily, prop your body up onto your elbows.  Now, tuck your ribs in.  With your ribs tucked in, lie back down.  This helps to create a nice, long line through your spine.
  3. Position your pillow comfortably around your neck.  Make sure your neck is in a nice, long line and your chin is tucked in.  This position also helps to prevent snoring!
  4. Make sure your shoulders are still down and back.
  5. Good night!


  1. Use a pillow or bolster between your knees if that’s more comfortable.  Scooch your behind back.  This may cause you to sway-back, which will be removed in the next step:Stretchlying-side
  2. Lift your upper body up to stretch your spine.  You should feel as though your belly button is tucked in toward your spine and you are lifting yourself over a ledge.
  3. Avoid rolling your shoulder forward.  You can use a pillow in front of your body to prevent too much shoulder hunching.
  4. Your lower arm can be positioned where it’s most comfortable:  under your head, in front of you, or under your body.
  5. Make sure your neck is nice and long and your chin is in.
  6. Good night!


  1. Babies sleep like this all the time! Well, with diapers on we hope.

    Babies sleep like this all the time! Well, with diapers on we hope.

    It’s easy to end up with a swayed back in this position, so you can use a small pillow under your abdomen to prevent this.

  2. Lengthen your spine up by propping up for a second on your elbows, push your belly toward your spine, and think about lifting your upper body over a ledge.
  3. Use a small pillow without much thickness so your neck doesn’t get to crunched in the wrong direction.
  4. Good night!


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